Singer Kefee Opens Up on Her Crashed Marriage


If we have to follow what the Bible teaches strictly, popular gospel singer, Kefee is one of those who has lots of questions to answer with regards to her disregard for the warnings about divorce.

Christians are strongly advised against divorce, but if you think there is no better option then you can go ahead but, either of the parties are not permitted to get married to another person unless one of the two is late. But Kefee and her first husband, Alec Godwin, disregarded this warning.
The Gospel singer is now claiming her second marriage is the first for her….

What lessons did you learn from your crashed marriage with Alec Godwin?

It only opened my eyes more to what life is all about; if you don’t go through challenges you never become a stronger person. That was a chapter in my life that was meant to make me stronger as a person. People go through challenges and that was my story and when we couldn’t carry on any longer, we had to part ways.

What have been the gains of your current marriage to Teddy Esosa?
My husband is a very nice guy and I am actually writing a book about my first marriage.The bottom line is that I am happy and if you ask me, this is the first time I am getting married.

How did you meet your husband?
We’ve known each other for a long time, and when he felt it was time, he proposed to me. The rest is now history, like they say…



  1. Wonders shall never end. kefee are you sure of what you are doing? You can full some pple sometime but you can’t full all the pple all the time. As a bible believing lady or a minister of most high God through Jesus. Go back to the bible so as to retrace you route. JESUS IS LORD

  2. She does not know the difference between Marriage and Divorce.Singing Gospel does not means she knows the Gospel.She does nt know that the Gospel encourages marriage,but kick aganst Divorce.

  3. The bible clearly states that God hates divorce. I hope kefee would be able to explain herself when she meets with him

  4. Kefee u r talking rubbish. R u d first to b born. I pray u dnt regert dis ur silly statemen. So now u mean d bible is nt well explained. U no get gist babe.

  5. Go ahead Kefee,people leave d judgment 4 God,dnt 4get dat u cannot advice her 2 pray 4 her 1st husband to die. to die,and so dat she can get married.

  6. God’s standards NEVER change! we as Christians need to watch our lives because we r d light of d world and ppl r watching us! may God have mercy and help us to make this heaven o!

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