Spotted: Pero Adeniyi, 2face’s ex and mother of his 3 kids in Lagos

Pero Adeniyi, 2face Idibia’s ex and mother of his three kids – Rose, Justin and the baby she had last year – was spotted in Lagos last week.

Adeniyi is based in the US and according to online reports was in the country for business but was not seen at 2face’s wedding to Annie Idibia even at the traditional wedding in Eket on March 8.

None of 2face’s children from his other relationships were said to have attended their father’s wedding either.

Adeniyi also has another child with ex husband, Tunde Borokini.

[Photo: H/T to LIB]


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  • She jez wntz 2 ansa d moda of 2face’s three kidz…. No wise woman wud wnt 2 give birth 2 three kidz 4 a man she knw was nat ready 4 marriage n dsnt luv her. If it were jez one it wud av bn a different fin al2geda, but three!!! abaaaa i guess it was 4 fame cuz shez naw a star.

  • Uboi,2face is a real man,all this babes who think that love is all about richies and guy shine your congo well on them,they want to marry bigest boy in town.hahaha,just hope same will happen to my ex girlfreind

  • I luv annie more then D other woman jooor . 2baba is wise i hope all man shld do Dsame 2 ladies out their ,just go and pick D one that luv u when u r nobody , when u r some is very dificult 2 understand D real luv & fake ,ha….. ha……ha…… ladies that is D trueth .

  • What makes Tu face better than all his so called baby mamas?Man fornicating around and impregnating all and he is being giving several thumbs up because he is male and a so called celebrity.I pity them all.All the useless girls who run after riches and fame including Annie the one he married.How can you open your legs wide and give birth to three without being married.You and the man who has been sleeping with you and getting you pregnant while still sleeping with other women are sick,sick and sick.You think all these funny show of love being put on social media by 2 face and Annie is real? Lets keep our fingers crossed.They are useless people.

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