Stalking The Stars: What Genevieve & Omotola Wore To AMVCA And The Night Before…See Photos

The African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards, AMVCA, sure left a mark in the hearts of many lovers of African movies. Fans sure enjoyed the awards, but what they enjoyed more was seeing the stars they love trot the red carpet, mount the podium for awards, and pose for photo shoot.

We know you love to see what they wear to events like this, so we picked two of the Nollywood divas you really love. Here’s what Omotola and Genevieve wore to the AMVCA
pre-award cocktail party, and at the main event on Saturday night. There was enough time for a change of cloths, and they both wore two different dresses on the night.

Genevieve, Omotola at AMVCA pre-award cocktail party. Did you see Majid Michel trying so hard to appear?
Genevieve, Omotola at AMVCA pre-award cocktail party. Did you see Majid Michel trying so hard to appear?

amvca genny

Genevevie at amvca

Genevevie nnaji at amvca

Omotola Jalade AMVCA,

Omotola Jalade AMVCA,l


  1. You are just blind fools that are just explaining what you feel about elephant. I am not surprise of what you are writing, is just what limitations assets and blindness can cause. Ass-holes
    They said look dress!!!!

  2. Nawa o. So genevieve is now demonic??? Why can’t u guys stop judging and leave it to God! Nigerians ehnn. They like condemning pple! If its kim kardashian now,u guys wud praise her. Ok. So u r condemning only genevieve.. Exposing one’s back in a dress too, does it tell gud abt u?? E.g omotola’s dress. Pls go and sleep nd stp judging. Tcheww!!

  3. That a loved one talking to the loved. Funlola, I like people that talk like you. Why I was made with first people that commented was that, they were off the track. Whether millions of men has sucked the breast and is flat is not the issue. Let’s learn how to tackle the problems by hitting the nail at the point. Sister Genn please don’t disappoint your admirers and don’t bring mockery to the Glory of God again by exposing delicate areas of your body. I doesn’t speak well of whatever you portray.

  4. Douglas Ken I no think say u well! Funlola and Anna, U’re right on point! I equally respect and adore this young Lady.. Not until i was stalked by this shocker of a photo. Genevieve, I thought, is one of the descent star actresses in Nigeria. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe she’s not more than a wh*re. I reall can’t tell.
    Anyway Genie, u’re in position to decide. If you’ve chosen to pose nude just to get the admiration of those who’ll scorn you sooner or later, kindly ride on. But i think its better you uphold decency. Many up-coming actresses are looking up to you. Don’t lead ’em astray for the sake of our beloved nation.

  5. Just can’t stop laughing at all the comments. Y’all are talking as if dis is da first time you’ve seen ’em wear stuffs like dis ehn!!!……all da ones dey wear in “NONESENSEWOOD” nko….let us be careful how we judge people so dat d same measure will not be used to judge us. For me i aint surprised wiv what I jes saw or what ðø you expect from people like dat…….so abeg make una “gbenu dake jawe”…… God dey

  6. We should call a spade-a spade, but we should learn how 2 talk. My sister dat kind of dressing isn’t good 4 anybody, let alone a public figure like u. With or without dat clothe u ‘re beautiful.

  7. Let us no dt Kim’s dresins is aceptabu in er cultur nt in africa.I admire Gene & Omtol a lot bt i detest dis exposur.My kids saw d dresins in a mag & jux hised.Its deir life,true bt wot efect wud dey av on d yonger ones?Gene pls b modest.GOD bless us

  8. U guys are hypocritts,if not all of u,most of u. The bible sed he who is without sin shud cast the first stone. So before u start judging geneviev n omotola judge urselves and mind ur business. Why una dey vex,is it ur body.if u don’t like what she’s wearing there are better ways to say it rada than insulting her.

  9. my pple, i see no reason 4 criticism. Fine, d dress is indecent, bt dats d world 4 u. I advice u remov d log in ur eye be4 tryin 2 remov others. 2 b informd, every sin is equal. If u’re a lady n u’ve exposd even little of ur breast or u’re a guy n av saggd den u’re also guilty of indecency.

  10. GOD IS REAL ! Pls, REPENT and be SAVED. Concentrate on wining souls for GOD instead of judging. In whatever you do, pls, embrace PHILPPIANS 4:8. Help share this message and something(blessing) greater than your imagination shall come to you in JESUS NAME (Amen) .

  11. cant u guys just mind ur buzzness am sure the some of u guys if not all of u dress de same way too simple if dont like de dress just correct them n not insuliting them like the dude who called genny ashwo must u use dat tone on her hmmm remmber dis girl,s are known world wide they have acchived there gole they have made a name 4 them selfs n u are still trying 2 be noticed n here u are condeming some one who has gone pass u hmmm be warned remove the log in ur eye b4 u remove the speck in another pesons eye i have just said my ownoo