Sultan Under Fire For Boko Haram Amnesty Call

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Sultan of Sokoto Dr. Muhammed Sa'ad Abubakar
Sultan of Sokoto Dr. Muhammed Sa’ad Abubakar

Following his amnesty call for members of Islamist sect group Boko Haram, the Sultan of Sokoto has been under fire from different quarters.

The Sultan made the call for amnesty for the Boko Haram members at a meeting of Ja’amatu Nasril Islam (JNI) in Kaduna on Thursday, as he believed it was the solution to the insurgency in the North.

President Goodluck Jonathan however said the proposal was impossible as there were no clear leaders of the group to discuss amnesty with.

Niger Delta Christian Leaders Forum (NDCLF) said it was improper to call for amnesty for “terrorists”.

According to the Secretary General of the group, Bishop Eddy Bebor, it is a well-known fact that the insecurity situation in the country is targeted at the Jonathan administration.

“You can tell when and how Boko Haram started to unleash terror in Nigeria, you can still remember statements of high profile personalities in the northern part of Nigeria and you can also see the reaction of leaders from northern Nigeria to the security challenges that have bedeviled us as a country, they actually want to frustrate the government of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and that is what they are doing so that the president will not concentrate.

“What a shame today that there is a call for amnesty for terrorists, people who killed and destroyed lives and property for reason that is not acceptable to the country.

“He (Sultan Abubakar) is calling for amnesty for terrorists that have nobody speaking for them. If he is saying that he knows them, let him tell us. If he says the reason Boko Haram is terrorizing Nigeria is justified, let him tell us. If he is saying Boko Haram has asked him to speak on their behalf, let him tell us.

“The militants from the Niger Delta region were protesting marginalisation/underdevelopment even though their zone is producing the oil that provides for the entire country and they were given amnesty. The elders, church leaders, traditional rulers and political leaders condemned the arms taking of the Niger Delta youths openly while speaking to the government to see to the plight of the region. There was an agreement reached by both government and those who represent the militants before amnesty was granted.

“Who are those representing Boko Haram? Who are the Boko Haram themselves and why have they decided to terrorise our nation?” Bebor said his group needed answers to the questions!

The Catholic Church also said it was amazing that a man in an exalted office as the Sultan’s could make such a call.

Director of Social Communications at the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Rev. Monsignor Gabriel Osu, who spoke for his church, said it was amazing for somebody of the Sultan’s stature to make the amnesty call for Boko Haram members.

“With due respect to him and the exalted office he represents, the call for amnesty for Boko Haram members as canvassed by the Sultan is improper. Two things easily come to mind: the culture of impunity and the erosion of the sacredness of human life,” Osu said.

He argued that the Sultan’s call for amnesty without reference to the victims of the Boko Haram attacks was unfortunate, noting, “Reading between the lines one can deduce that the lives wasted by the Islamic fundamentalist sect are of no significance”.

According to Catholic Church spokesman, the Sultan’s argument that most of Boko Haram’s victims were Muslims could not be justified. “It appears we have all suddenly forgotten the sacredness of human life. I believe that anybody who commits any offence should be punished in accordance with the laws of the land.”

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the 19 northern states also rejected the amnesty call.

Spokesman for CAN in the 19 northern states, Elder Sunday Oibe, told Vanguard that the position of Christians on the Sultan’s call for amnesty was clear, adding that the body would rather address the call for the removal of JTF from the North East.

According to him, the Borno elders are failed politicians “seeking relevance through an amnesty agenda which is why they are clamouring for funds to rehabilitate themselves”.

“They are not realistic. We know that the Shehu of Borno is not associated with such calls. He is a gentlemen who will do anything to ensure peace in his domain, but those politicians who have been parading themselves as elders of Borno will stop at nothing to make themselves relevant,” Oibe added.

In his reaction, PFN Chairman for Borno State, Pastor Haruna Maidoki lamented that because of the security situation in the North East, most residents were denied the opportunity of welcoming Jonathan when he visited the region last week.

He backed the president on his opposition to the call by the Sultan for amnesty for Boko Haram insurgents.

“We are very happy that the president demonstrated the needed political will and spoke to them the way he did,” Maidoki said, adding that the Christian community in that axis was now reassured that it is part of the nation called Nigeria.

He said the people calling for amnesty for Boko Haram members or the removal of JTF could not be said to be realistic because none of them made mention of the plight of the Christians who had been the victims of the violent clashes in the region.

“They have not spoken one word about the plight of the Christians killed and their churches that were burnt or vandalised”, he stated, adding that they were not realistic and should be totally ignored.

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    • GOD will destroy sultan and all his followers they are all workers of devil not peace…….islam is not a peace religion they hav no contribution to the develop of africal….. They are after of distabilize of west africal GOD 4giv me I hate muslim they can never work in my company……….. Ghost peeps wicked religion

  1. Amnesty? Only yesterday a group of terrorist & cold blooded
    murderers announced 2 d world that they’ve
    killed all 7 of their hostages. The group which is
    referred 2 as ‘ansaru’ for short claims it’s goal is
    to protect muslims in black africa. I ask, how
    they intend 2 do dis by killing some innocent
    expatriate who left d comfort of their well devt
    land 2 execute a legitimate job in northern
    nigeria? How is Islam a religion of ‘Peace’, wen
    all acts of terrorism & violence all over d world is
    associated wit Islam? They go by all sorts of
    names ‘Alquaida’ Taliban’ Boko Haram’ Ansaru’
    etc… all these Islamic organisations have a clear
    objective, they’re oppose to growth &
    development, peace & progress, they are
    vampires and blood suckers. How can anybody
    convince a sane and reasonable person that
    Islam stands 4 peace wen it’s footprints &
    trademarks of violence & terror continue to stare
    us daily on d face? how can u say that Islam
    means well for me wen all it does is 2 seek 2
    terminate my life & those of my kind? Islam is no
    religion, It is a Cult, a cult that survives on
    human blood & only thrives wen non members
    suffer from its rain of terror. Alas! ‘He that kills
    by d sword shall surely die by d sword’.

    • Helo steve are u baffled? De founda in his days hold on his two hands swod nd qurran, is eida u accept qurran or swod. Dey are known 2 be xtra judicial voilents killers at all times in de name of religion. No amnesty 4 bokoharam! If now dat Sultan ‘ve wakenup 4rm sleep nd remembered dat his area had been devasiteted by their children, after dey ‘ve killed,destroy billions of properties of southerners nd forced all suotherners livin in their area out. Thousands of INNOCENTS pple were sent 2 untimely sheol were was Sultan nd his cabinets? Remember baboon nd fire Gen Buhari had been vomiting. Finaly dey ‘ve seen dat their maceneris dey all used yelded no fruit, dey now devise anoda meanse 2 lure pple of southerners nd foreigners 2 their area 2 help devlop or 2 kill more. It is all ready belated. One qst 2 Sultan, did Sultan ever payed a condolence visit at least 2 one of de pple or de NYSC dat died in his domain? (ii) did Sultan ever made any frantic effort 2 safe guide security of life in in his empire?

    • Well sir my brother. God bless you. Xtianity is d religion. D religion of peace. May almighty God help us in ds world of today. A world been terrorized by muslims. Hmmmm. Thank U̶̲̥̅̊ very much. I appreciate ur lines.

  2. Please my fellow nigerians.why are you insulting our sultan please.He is trying to see how to bring an end to d issue of boko haram.while you are here opposing his effort.between you and him,who seems like supporting boko haram.shame on you.

  3. Hi, Steve you have said it all, however i would appreciate if u could post such great words to face/book and let us all wait for responses from people claiming that “islam is a peace religion” however, i honestly ve few friends who recently denounce their religion and change to be christians. This is very glaring and simple common sense as all over the globe could witness what happened during when a us citizen posted a video on Mohamed on you/tube, we all see the killings, destruction of innocent lives & property but when similar things happened in EGYPT, no christian used it as a weapon to attack fellow human beings and this incident annoyed few muslim people who are realistic and really serving GOD to change their religion to what suits them and never to be a muslim. ” In the world today !!!!!, all current crisis are caused in muslim states and countries. let all sensible human being think about it in respective of their religion. MUSLIMS OR CHRISTIANS MUST WE BE KILLING OURSELF WHEN WE ARE NOT ALL INSANE ???. Response to binabdallah’s words, i would ve love to know if he is actually son of Nigeria, while bias and not been honest, to the question put before the Sultan cus as a person of his calibre or prestige, he is very very very wrong for his role, am saying this with due respect. we are all Nigerian’s and why now all this crimes from all ill dispose people. I still respect Gen Gowon among all Northern leaders.

  4. Na God go punish the likes of the Sultan, Buhari & co. Them know ’bout this Maniacal Sect sent from hell to unleash unspeakable evil on pple.But his Grace is sufficient 4 us.

  5. The GOD that destroyed soddohm and gomarah will destroy them boko haram very soon and all their back up will faile. they will fall by their weapon nd all their equipment shall work against them in jesus name……..IF GOD BE FOR US WHO CAN STAND AGAINST US. Thunders fire them islamics group religion of devil. GOD will rise against u very soon.


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