The Fact That Jonathan Does Not Use Up To 40% Of His Constitutional Powers Does Not Mean Weakness – Presidency


Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, Ahmed Gulak, has condemned speculations that President Goodluck Jonathan is a weak leader.In an interview culled from The PUNC, Gulak said, “One thing some Nigerians do not understand is that the President is a democrat and that the President does not feel threatened by any person or a group of people. The President knows his constitutional powers, the fact that he does not use up to 40 per cent of his constitutional powers does not mean weakness.

“He is just a democrat, he wants to consult and have a robust consultation. This is the President that has enormous powers under the constitution, nobody should feel he is feeling threatened. Nobody can threaten him. If it is about the politics of 2015, a court last week said he is free to contest for second term if he so chooses and no group of persons or individuals can intimidate him out of contest, I have always maintained that.

“If the President decides not to run, it will be on his own volition and not because some people are threatening hell. This country belongs to all of us irrespective of where you come from, what language you speak or the religion you practice. Nigeria is for all Nigerians and nobody can abridge another person’s constitutional rights. If you have aspirations, nobody can prevent you because anybody can aspire to the highest position in the land and it is your constitutional right if you choose to do so. What we detest is for people to concoct stories that are not true. The PDP works on rules, regulations and facts, not speculations”.


  1. Ahmed Gulak ironically condemns his boss who operates his conditional powers below average. If not, What could have prevented a competent and efficient democrat from performing satisfactorily without giving flimsy excuses for every mistake ? Gulak should modify this article, if he actually meant well for his boss. God save Nigeria !