The Worst Breaches Of Table Etiquette


Your table manners say a lot about your personality. Knowing how to eat what on when dining is not enough, you should know there are things not acceptable at the dining table.

Here is the list of the TOP FIVE things you should never do while eating.

1. Blowing your nose.
I can’t list enough reasons why this is repulsive but I’ll list one: This can cause germs to land on the other diners’ food. Just last month, I had a really bad cold, but I still wanted to go to a birthday dinner with friends. I waited until we were in the parking lot and blew my nose there, explaining to my friend that I’d needed to do that but didn’t want to do it at the table. She then looked me in the eye and appreciatively said, “Thank you”! If you have to blow your nose, please excuse yourself and go to the restroom.

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2. Picking your teeth.
Okay, I’m not talking the discreet kind of picking your teeth. I’m talking about the blatant kind. Where you have to pull out your mirror just to make sure you’ve taken care of everything. This is just gross! And I beg you: Don’t do it! If you have to do this, please do this in the bathroom. There’s even a mirror big enough to help you in your search.

3. Belching.
In some countries, belching is a sign of appreciation for a good meal. But in America, Australia, Europe, and now in Africa, this is a sign of bad manners. Now, I know that this is a natural thing that sometimes just happens. So if it does, please say excuse me. And then mean it. There’s almost nothing worse (except the previous two on the list) then hearing someone belching from across the room. I know a couple, and they both belch after eating; their dining room is a no-go area for me when they are eating.

4. Tucking your napkin into your shirt.
Yes, I still spill food on my shirt. And this occurs at least once a week, if not more. However, putting your napkin into your shirt is similar to addressing to the world one of the following two ideas: 1) that I still like wearing a bib and 2) I’m about to go hog-wild at this meal and don’t have time to make sure my food makes it to my mouth.

5. Eating food that dropped on your shirt.
If this happens when you’re alone, no one will know, right? Just like if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, how do you know that if fell? Nevertheless, if you are out in public, please use a napkin to take the food off of your shirt and have a waiter throw it away for you.

These are just a few instances that I’ve noticed feel are the most significant, but I’m sure there are others that could be on this list. Many times we are so consumed with what you should know about the table setting that we forget the simple things that you should never do. Hopefully, this can help remind us all![algirdasmakarevicius]


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