Thieves Steal Entire Bridge, For Scrap Metal

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The days of casually crossing a creek are over if you live in the Gölçük district of Kocaeli province in western Turkey. Which maybe you don’t. But the point is that someone stole a 22-ton, 82-foot-long bridge from there. It’s just gone.

Police suspect that the bridge was cut into sections and removed on a truck for scrap metal. Its estimated value is about $11,000. Villagers use the bridge to access their orchards, and a resident, Mustafa Karakaş told Today’s Zaman that, “Now we have to take our socks off and cross the creek.”

The weirdest part of the theft may be that it’s not the first time a bridge has been stolen in recent memory. Way to maintain the gall, thieves of the world.