We are ready and willing to continue to dialogue with government – Boko Haram Faction

newboko-haram-sectThe Boko Haram faction under Sheikh Mohammed Abdul’aziz, which has claimed to be working towards ensuring dialogue with government, has reacted to President Goodluck Jonathan’s comments, saying its members are no ghosts.

The leader of the group, however, says the peace process was still on course, adding that the group would continue to talk with government to ameliorate the suffering of its people. Sheikh Abdul’aziz, in a statement in Maiduguri, Borno State, on Wednesday, said the group was willing to sit with government at anytime to bring peace to the state and the country at large.

The statement reads in part: “I call on Governor Kashim Shettima to disregard all those propaganda aimed at disrupting the peace process, as we are ready and willing to continue to dialogue with government… We have met with officials of Borno State government and a delegation of Northern Governors Forum on peace and reconciliation, headed by Air Vice Marshal Mukhtar Muhammed (retd),” Abdul’aziz said.

According to him, “Allah has also sanctioned dialogue in all human undertakings, so we will pursue it to its logical conclusion. As such, if there are those who feel left out in the process, the doors are open. Let everybody come, as the Borno State government has shown seriousness and commitment to the peace process.”


  1. Why did you not think of dialogue Before embarking on the devious and senseless killings of thousands of innocent Nigerians and the massive destruction of properties.Now you are talking of dialogue,tell me,what exactly are you going to dialogue?what was your grouse and demands in the first place:that the president should convert to islam and islamise Nigerian?that education should be abrogated?Pls take a second look at your demands and see if these are the demands of a normal human being?what happened to creating jobs for the youth,eradicating poverty,building social amenities,provision of health care facilities,social justice for all etc. These are reasonable demands that would have attracted support and sympathy from all and sundry.Yet you people are never bothered with the high rate of extreme poverty in the country and the north particularly,instead all you people keep thinking and fighting for is always RELIGION,RELIGION,RELIGION.
    Pls accept my candid advice,what you people need right now is not dialogue,what you need is immediate repentance and forgiveness from God and Nigerians,whose family members you people have murdered for nothing sake.Finally,serious deliverance should be conducted to appease the Land that you people have desecrated with the blood of innocent lives.Take this advice,if you still have any iota of conscience left in you.God bless Nigeria

  2. The basic problem of northernal youth is their inability to understand or appreciate the value of education.No wonder they are being used by their selfish leaders to destroy themselves. Go ahead and kill, being you ghosts or not,no president will dialogue with you.


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