We have nothing to do with PDP; In fact, we are here to chase them away – ‘Newly Discovered’ APC

APCThe newly discovered APC (African Peoples Congress) has debunked allegations that it was hurriedly floated by members of the PDP to serve as a clog in the wheels of the registration of All Progressives Congress.

This was made known by the legal adviser of the party, Mr Kingsley Nnadi, who pointed out, on the contrary, that “if the PDP had performed well, there would have not been any need to float APC… My party has no link with PDP; in fact, our intention is to take over power from the ruling party. If PDP is ruling well, there would have been no need to come up. We are out because PDP has failed to touch the lives of Nigerians.

“We have just one APC (African Peoples Congress), the other one does not exist and INEC is aware of our party. The other APC only did mere negotiation, but we started our party over two years ago with the documents submitted to the INEC. We have met the requirements of the constitution and the Electoral Act.

“I believe that the unveiling of our party today has finally put to rest the contention over APC, which one is authentic or not and we are waiting for INEC’s reply. We have our offices in over 26 states of the federation, including our national headquarters and our support is massive,” he stated.

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  • We have just discovered that a new party has formed and it numenclature is APC. Wel, it is a welcomed development but,wot worry, is the characters that has associated themselves to the new party, i must say this if,and if, those bad elements that has come to affiliate their oldselves to this progressive party, if this these characters r not chased out of this nascent party and progressives people, whom have come to salvage the lots of Nigerians and again it need to sound clear in all manner of endeavour that the young lads that have not been involved in this dirty politices of nigeria, should b allowed to lead, by so doing we all we benefit from their innocences of politiking and equations, where all men and women of all social class will respect the law of the land ok…..thanks.

  • Mr kingsley or who so ever ur name is how on earth well nigerians believe u r now wit inec I don’t think so is just a west of time and we’re no more animals now electoral act said any party that did not any member has to be remove and now the same inec want to register for another one is a shem to jega cos they don’t even know there constitution any way new name well be out n let’s see what movie well they use

  • We are waiting to here Jega comment on this matter so that we will no who is that Jega. Whether what Buhari said that PDP, INEC, NNPC, NPolice and Army are truly merge. If the rely APC are not register is the hires mesh in the country politics, and we can’t take it then anything haunt let PDP are responsible for rest it……… W000 to PDP and Jonathan government. C hem on them. APC for live

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