We should be able to stop importation of rice by 2016 – GEJ

GEJIt has been estimated by President Goodluck Jonathan that, with the ongoing revolution in the agriculture sector in the country, Nigeria will stop importation of rice in 2016.

President Jonathan made this known at the Nigeria Summit 2013, organised by the Economist in Lagos, on Tuesday. He stated among other things that the Federal Government was committed to creating an enabling environment for the private sector to thrive, stating that lots of activities were being achieved in rice, cassava and sugar production: “Our aim is to go back to agriculture not only to export raw materials but to process and add value. We are committed to creating job,” he said.

The president also noted that the government was aggressively addressing the problem of infrastructure in the country, stating that there were improvements in various sectors of the economy. Specifically, the president said power supply had improved tremendously, assuring that at the end of the privatisation process in the power sector, Nigerians would experience stable power supply.


  1. Please bros ha sorry mr presido keep your rice & your cassava flour I beg you with God through his only begoten son Jesus christ we were not eaten goat dung or grasses all these while. All we are saying save our brothers who are always killed & maimed in the north. We southerners
    Are now turning activists cum war lords. Soonest the red tape will be cut off all will be WARs all over AMEN its a prayer

    • Presidio make u just eat ur rice bcos na so u dey talk. Na so he talk d order year but today we do open eyes. No u again dis time. Oyo 4 u presidio…….

  2. We are going to chase u out of aso rock 2015 with our votes.
    I don’t blame u,but blame those who voted u in…we don’t need.
    See dis mumu Wey dey test Nigerians..just don’t deceive ursef.
    Vampire president!

  3. He isn’t even tired of making senseless and empty promises. It’s a shame dat some sound minded governors are doing far more better dan u. Wat have u done to encouraged the local farmers who works under the hot sun and heavy rain? Even if u have any plan at all to finance agriculture, is it not in the hands of ur political associates and cohort dat u buried the money? So dat they will swallow the money as usual and keep us empty handed. Imagine where govt is using the public funds to settle and compensates his political associates and his fellow satanic worshippers while the people are perishing in hunger and joblessness! See who is creating more jobs, where so many are been disengaged from the little ones they are managing. God punish u there and ur so called job creation.


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