What Marriage Is Doing To Me –– Actress Uche Elendu Opens Up


Sexy Nollywood actress, Uche Elendu has been missing in action in the movie industry for some time now. Her long absence is not unconnected to her marriage to Mr Igweanyiba. 

So how has married life treated you and your daughter?
Well so far so good, I am still young in marriage but no bitter experience yet and I hope it goes on that way. I’m happy, I married my friend and he has been my pillar of strength and support. My daughter is four years old now, which means I have been married for that long. I have been able to create a comfortable balance by the grace of God to manage my family and career effectively without any setback.

How did you meet your husband?
(Laughs) Funny enough, my husband was a fan, who kept calling to appreciate me. Sometimes, I answer his calls and most times I tell my personal assistant to pick the call and tell him that I am busy. But that did not deter him, he was persistently calling and insisting that he saw me on the screen and just knew that I am his wife.He was bent on seeing me and getting to know me better. After a couple of months of persistent calling, I thought I should see this patient man and then I invited him over and the rest of the story resulted in this beautiful ring in my finger…(smiles)

What is different since you got married, what good has it done to you?
Definitely, marriage has given me a sense of responsibility and also made me a fulfilled woman.

How would you describe your husband…How romantic is he?
(Laughs), very romantic in his own unique way.

Your husband was a big fan before marriage…Does he still watch your movies?
A whole lot, he does. He is a big critic so most times he watches my movies to criticise and also commend me.

When you act a sexy role, as a professional how does he react to your kisses on set?
It is funny because all the while I have not noticed anything different in his reactions when he is watching my movies. He knows I am just doing my job; he has been to location to watch me, so he knows there are lots of people behind the camera. When he watches maybe a scene I’m supposed to kiss and I did not do it well, he would ask if the guy had a bad breath… (Laughs).

What is your view on sexual harassment in Nollywood and what do you think should be done about it?
There is sexual harassment in every sector of life; in the banks, corporate world, any where you can think of. It does not only happen in Nollywood. I’ve never experienced it though I have heard about it. I don’t understand why some girls that are being asked out by either producer, actors and so on term it as harassment. As an adult if a man asks you out and you feel you don’t like him or you’re not up to it, you say “NO” and that is it. I don’t think anyone would rape you.


  1. Uche my sis u rite, is not a sexual harasment, u have rite 2 say no, if d produser deside not 2 give u d role again let it be he is not ur God, God must surely make a way 4 u, den if u deside 2 go ouw wit him go dont complain,

    • Uche Elendu said it all and that’s the gospel truth”Sexual Harrassment in Nollywood are been caused by the so called upcoming actresses because in many occasions they seduce directors and producers in the quest to use what they ve to get what they need,I think the both sides should be cautioned….


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