Why I Did Not Attend Tuface’s Wedding In Dubai – Blackface


Tuface_and_BlackfaceThe relationship between Tuface (real name Innocent Ujah Idibia) and Blackface (real name Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo) dates back to 1996 when they first met at the Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Enugu and that chance meeting gave birth to arguably what would be one of Nigeria’s biggest R&B/Pop group – Plantashun Boiz – with Richard Chibuzor Oji (Faze).

However, fast forward 17-years later, Tuface and Blackface, both Idomas from Benue state, are neither friends nor enemies; just colleagues in the industry.

Tuface’s mother of all wedding in Dubai has come and gone last weekend but the ripples it has generated will continue to resonate for a long time to come – one of which is the reason why he did not invite his buddy from way back, Blackface.

While former band mate, Faze, was one of the groomsmen, Blackface was not even part of the 250 special guests invited to share the happy moment with Tuface in the Middle East country.

So, when a fan on Twitter asked Blackface why he did not join the train to Dubai, he simply responded thus, “I no dey go where I no dey invited! but I wish dem all they wish themselves!”



  1. @mike he is nt supose to attend the wedding dey did’nt invert him, if it is u will u go be sincer? 2baba did a very wrong tin he did nt even show concern is nt good. If i shld say i wil like him to call blackface and appologise to him, yes! dat shows manturity.

  2. 2face did a very bad things for not inviting him, but i am still not going to conclude, bcos he might have a reason for that, so plz guys dont just conclude, they must be a reason y 2face didnt invited him,

  3. Dat is ao it suppose 2 b, bface u did a right tin. 2face u ar highly disappointed, no matter wat ur frd might do 4 u, u nid 2 invite him 1/2ter all u ar a big man. Ask 4 his 4giveness.

  4. Hey guyz before u criticize som 1, u 1st of al luk 4 d background of that issue nd d reason 4 such act, 4 instance did blackface attend d previous 30th yrs anniversary birthday of 2face nd also 2face traditional marriage, if we can examine dis properly den we can b a gud judge.

  5. look guys,2face and black face belogn to differen occult group of which are in grate war right now that i am typing……….before an act is carried out physically it must be confirmed spiriually….wise up guys.

  6. Without black face there will be no plantasion boiz….wthout plamtation boiz 2fzce will be no body…watever sha make them settle

  7. 2baba,na 2 wrong tinz u did o
    (1)u failed to invited ur old frnd to ur weddin wich is vewy bad
    (2)we dey buy ur albums 4 nija and u carry ur weddin go do am 4 Dubai..u no won make we chop 4rm ur rice ni..abi na Dubai u want to be sellin ur albums nw?

  8. as u see me so,i no send u o,dt one no mean say I no de wish u well o.we are all gifted n unique in our own diff. ways..blackface take note of ds song years back…everyman is entitled to his own opinion..he has reasons for his actions and u are also rit for not going..all correct..U still wish him all dem wish demsefs bcos wtout him der will will be no one to call brother…..

  9. 2face fuck up no b smal, not only 4 not inviting blackface he also fal our hand by caring it wedding 2 dubai or may b he has coackros in his cupboard dat is y he choose arab country as venue.

  10. Somebody said black should have gone to the wedding uninvited,,i put it to him.,if he were to be black would he have done that???????????

  11. I dont know why som persons jst sit and make judgements without asking necessary questions and having facts. Before drawing up your conclusions, ask questions like; how close where they before the wedding? Has blackface being making unfriendly comments about 2face of late? For all you know, 2face may have invited bface but he refused. So dont make hasty conclusions.

  12. 2face have disappointed so many pple in Nigeria n across d world he have 2 apologies 4 what he has done 4 blackface issue he should apologise 2 him

  13. 4 me if u threat me like a friend i will like a broda,..but if u threat me like stranger..guy i will threat u like a slave o….black u re not wrong by so doing, besides if anything happens to u dia he will not care. So stay and enjoy paramourz if any.

  14. black face we are sincerely sorry for what happened .no matter what happened tuface don’t have to forget about you just like this.

  15. well! Well! Its all vanity upon vanity to hate a brother till death. I think its mature n reasonable tto approach ur brother n invite him. Tuface didnt try even if dey are in diff occult group with frictions.

  16. if u are truly friends, it would hav been safer to be at d wedding uninvited and b embarrased than making a fuse out of not being invited. My squib

  17. Tubaba ve been following u right from plantashun Boyz and I love u guys but its painful to me when I had that u did invite ur childhood friend. BROS U FUCK UP

  18. 2face i know has a good reason for not inviting black face,u guys are now judging without hearing from too baba, you guys common sense should have told you guys that for him to invite Fave who is an igbo man and leave his own idoma bros that there most be something

  19. I mûst täkè this tîmè out tö apologise öñ behalf öf mý HÝPÈRTÈK NIGGA.d reason ðät thè wedding ws taken afar off ws sö thät our Pastors here wîll ñöt mess up thîñgs för hîm,thus bý asking this funny question!îs thèrè any öñè among ýöû thät wouldnt want tîs couple tö bè joint together îñ a holy matrimony?naija äbèğ mäkè we ñö vex;u ñö say îf question lîkè this arose u surely ñö thät thè guy îs îñ deep shit.pls ît ws a wise decision best èvèr för hîm.hope u understand hîm.

  20. Well ..2face u did wrong by nt inviting ur maness man ..and blackface u ar ryt by nt going de wedding ..bt if it is me .i wil atend de wedding 2show 2face dt am a big boy ..i no de do childish character ..bcs wht 2face did is a childish character…bt in all ..i will lik make 2of u 4giv each oder …nawa oo una be big boys meean..

  21. If 2face didn’t invit him he did wrong bcos I belive they started music together so if 2face is @ d top now, I don’t think he should look down on blackface,dat was very bad of u 2face.

  22. Will is a pitty, for 2 great friend lik dis to bahv as children, hw long the so ;occur; or enemy wht so ever it may i do knw the under grd bed bros no hw no hw u na gayman u 4invit ur childhood friend menh aba u self wait de worry. As i c u so u no cent persin wey u start business wt, no tell me dat. Sent apologist 2ur guy. Let de bye gone b bye gone


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