Why Terrorists Struck In Kano – SSS


The State Security Service (SSS) yesterday blamed Monday’s multiple bombings at New Road Motor Park in the Sabon Gari area of Kano State on the complacency of Nigerians as a result of the improved security situation in the North.

SSS spokesperson Ms Marilyn Ogar, who stated this on Channels television yesterday said: “Maybe Nigerians became too relaxed because there was a little bit of respite.”

She claimed that operatives had taken out the leadership of the fundamentalist sect, Boko Haram, and that some loose cannons, who are trying to “find their feet”, are staging these new wave of attacks.


  1. That is a lie. The attackers will always have the initiative because they determined the targets and the time to strike. The best that can be done is to be proactive in intelligence gathering,and to designates areas that attracts crowd gathering as possible flash points and put them under effective security surveillance to deter the would be attackers as much as possible. So shifting the blame burden on the commoners is a bad publicity stunt,It would have been better for the SSS and other agencies to accept their negligence for being caught off guards. Period.

  2. You made a point my guy. The security agencies should blame themselves rather than shifting the blame. It means that we are no longer safe.

  3. What nonesense is Ms. Ogar talking about? Passing the buck I guess,but she is so dumb to pass it on ‘bloody civilians’,she could not even suggest what they would have done to tell you how clueless she was.Ordinary civilians will do your job for you and you collect the fat salary and I can’t recall security improving at any point in time for the last few years.All security agencies must accept the have failed Nigeria and Nigerians.

  4. Very lame way of shifting responsibility. So nigerians are now their own security service abi? Better accept responsibility for ur failure.

  5. Hmmmm ???? I don’t blame u at all Madam u can sit in your high and lofty position where u are spoon fed with money and talk any nonsense u like na u get your mouth. how can u make such inflamatory statements wen so many lives have been lost. Are u saying that the mistake they made was to wake up that faithful day and step out of their houses or that they should have been looking out for suicide bombers as if it is written on the face. lets face the obvious fact you and ur men are just not living up to ur calling. wake up to the realities of your jobs and stop passing blames arounds.

  6. Dis woman is CRAZY…blamin dose who shuld be consolled..wat a STUPID desk Lady in an air-conditind office who’s neva been in a Ba2le FIELD b4…ur salary is CONTROLIN ur MOUTH..

  7. She is a beneficiary of all theses bombings just like oritjesfor. I am a muslims to the core and a northerner, I can t see the rational behind these senseless in the name of islam. Certainly the perperators even if they are a muslims they are not faithfull to the tenet of islam. They are murderers and cowards. From all indication majority of the deads are muslims so what is their answers going to be in the day of judgement? Who ask you to take someone’s life anyway, irrespective of his religion, race or tribe in the name of revenge?

  8. Dis religion of a tin, it was been introduced to us by d westerners(colonial mastrs). Who wr out 4 dr intrest wich was kind of selfish. And dey med us belief all dis stories, d same piple brot all these religions. Y nt 1? Nd if at all ntn eva exists as such. Y den we sit hr n fight n kill ourselfs cos of religion wen we are suppose 2b in 1 accord? Lets all reason n mek a beta plc of livin

  9. If you are entering Kano state, there’s no way you can follow without meeting JTF ckeck points, and you will be meeting them almost everywhere you turn carrying heavy arms and ready to shoot. Yet, these uncountable check points do not even reflect their aims! Is that because the men of the JTF and SSS dont know their jobs, or they are compromising the lives of Nigerians?

  10. Religion i said is da greatest problem man inherited from history of the fall of man n the devil. Jesus never preach religion but the gospel truth. No religious man have ever seen the face of God n non shall see him, only the righteous will see him n stand befor him. Lets stop deceiving ourselfs. No matter how fat ur account is due to ur loyalty to ur religion u will not see God.insecurity is the plan of the evil elite to distract the attention of the children of God. Some day God will speak for himself to the hearing of all men. Then we all will know who is serving him n who is not. Period.

  11. Mrs Ogar shld keep her mouth shot nd shld stop ds stupid acts of shifting blames on d innocents Nigerians,cos nobody can perform her responsibility 4 her…God bless Nigeria


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