Why We Chose To Wed In Dubai – 2face/Annie Idibia


If you are probably still wondering why the Idibias chose to wed in Dubai- of all places then here’s why….

“I think there is this spiritual connection. We thought of a perfect place for the white wedding and the idea of Dubai came up. I don’t know about crowd control. We just want to have the best of the moment and make sure things go rightly. There is nothing more to it. It does not have to do with controlling the people or anything. The fact is that you can’t run away from the people. Anywhere you go, you will meet people and these people have come to celebrate with us. Let’s just say that we love Dubai and we also discovered that it was a perfect venue for us. ” 2face Idibia told Glitz in a recent interview.



  1. Tuface, u rily 4ucked up to my side dis time around, you know wot, just go bak and count from wen u r still with plantation bois ehn, all ur album i bought, u will refund all the money bak to me, cus av always be ur fans, now u av ur wedding in Dubai, i could rememba ur last show u did in Cultural centre Bayelsa State, i was there, even trying to av a pix wit u, i neve tot u could do such thing, wen men of the security wanted to pull me down, Ɠuy i nid to let u know, u rily 4ucked up jare, Dose money u spent for Dubai govt, wai can’t u spend dat money here to ur own fada land, its will serve as support to Nigeria govt, its bad, i will tell u, if people can’t let u know. Make sure ur next album will be launch in Dubai, not our own Eko Hotel, because if i catch u ehn, u r in hot soup.

  2. I know 4 sure dat ur next album ‘ll be launched in Dubai&dey re going 2 be d one 2 buy it too…even ur next baby ‘ll be born there.Even if u want 2 take ur bath,cook ur meals or use d rest room;u’re permitted 2 go 2 Dubai.

  3. The real REASON is this: if na 9ja pastor we ask if there is any REASON dis couples should not b tie together that d person should talk now or REMAIN silent forever and bet me, over 100 people wil raise their hands in objection looolz