Woman Born Without Hands Shows How She Takes A Shower


Tisha UnArmed, as she calls herself, is an amazing girl and an inspiration to us all. 

Tisha was born without any hands yet she does not complain or whine. instead she does everything on her own and shares it with the world to inspire others. Her positive outlook in life and her bubbly personality makes her a hero.

Tisha shares her struggles in life with the many people who follow her with her Youtube updates. She demonstrates how she goes about her day to day activities by herself, from eating sushi with sticks, making a sandwich and to taking a shower.

“Many people ask me, Tisha how do you take a shower? I respond with my feet,” said Tisha.

But most people couldn’t imagine taking a shower without hands simply because they stand up in the shower. “It is difficult to stand on one foot and rub your body with your other while standing in the shower, that’s why I sit in the bathtub and use a bath mat to keep me from slipping,” Tisha added.