Would You Buy This Givenchy Star T-Shirt? Costs N97k


Givenchy currently dominates the thin line between superior quality designs and streetwear, but they are bending towards the high-end part of their production in their soon-to-be-released SS’13 collection, with a very nice Star-Embellished Printed Cotton T-Shirt.

Givenchy didn’t care about the now-infamous circular star pattern and bold detail, they used them as the immediate standouts, but the price is sure to upset you if you fall in love with the shirt before seeing the price tag.

Retail price of the Givenchy star t-shirt currently stands at $615 (about N97,000). Kanye West or Jay Z may not bat an eyelid; that’s probably candy money. But for you and I, that’s massive, wouldn’t you say?


The world is not covered with the Kanyes and the Jay Zs, but I heard the shirts are already sold out in Extra Small & Medium on some retail sites. I wonder what someone might have done to have enough to own that shirt.

Well, if the price doesn’t scare you too, you could get yourself one and let me know; I’d like to take pictures…and probably your autograph.



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