Yes, I Broke Up With My Ex For Failing To Buy Me A Range Rover Sport – Cossy

cossy-orjiakorControversial actress and singer, Cossy Orjiakor also known as Nutty Queen, has confirmed that her relationship with her ex-boyfriend broke down because he failed to buy her a Range Rover.

Cossy was quoted as saying: “It’s true but that was a long time ago. He just called me one day and said ‘Baby, I’m getting you a Range.’ Sometimes I wonder why some men make promises they know they won’t fulfil. Perhaps they want to show they belong when they know they don’t belong. It  does not make sense.

“I would have reasoned with him if he had come to say ‘Sweet heart, look I don’t have that kind of money to buy a Range. I was just joking about it. Please I am sorry,’ we would have continued the affair, but making it seem as if he was making issues out of it was being too childish. I did not sack him, rather he sacked himself” she said.

Speaking on marriage, the upcoming singer who likes to flaunt her natural endowments expressed hope that one day she will get married but not until the right man proposes with a diamond ring. In her words: “I cannot marry myself. When I get a proposal then I will consider it. For now, nobody has proposed to me. I am still waiting for the right guy. Whoever he is should come along with a diamond ring. You never can tell.”


  1. Mrs Seductress.. A guy wud b crazy 2 mari u.Aftaall, u are not a wife material!!! U v flaunt everytin u ve got.. Wait 4 diamond ring 4 eternal!

  2. The guy suppose thank God that u dumped him bcos there is nothing left in u to enjoy. Even the one ur exibiting is fake, expired and damaged goods. Sorry Nne.

  3. If what Cossy said is truly true, then the guy has not been truthful enof to keep his words and worst still, he failed to admit his failure, and felt too big to appologize. He will fool her more, if she dint brake and break off from him. Too bad.

    This girl, @ least, @ this point, is correct. Though i distaste her way of dressing dat exposes her values dat shud be for her valued man.

    But in this case, she has simply shown that the guy wanted to make a fool of her.

    Guys should always be firm. Be yrsef. No film trick again. Everybody don wise now. So simply be who u are.

    And the girl will still love u for who u are.

  4. D guy ought 2b tankin his star 4 leavin a 1st class prostitute. And 4 dat diamond ring u’re clamourin 4u’l wait til eternity 2 gt dat. Ashawooooooooo.

  5. Hey amiga!!! I really like the dress but… I think the top is SO YOU!! So colorful and free flowing- which is my choice for you. You’ll create a splash in either. I like the Limited but haven’t shopped there inside a while- thanks for that reminder. Hugs!!


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