Yoruba, Totally Ungrateful Kind Of People – Ahmadu Ali

Ahmadu AlliFormer national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Ahmadu Ali, has described the Yoruba people of south west Nigeria as a “totally ungrateful kind of people”.

Ali, who said this in an interview culled from The SUN, was speaking on the background of the fact that former head of state, General Olusegun Obasano (retd) could have held on to power in 1979 but chose to hand over to a democratically elected president.

According to him, “After all, it is the gun that got them there. And you people still don’t recognise him (Obasanjo), especially the Yoruba people who are totally ungrateful kind of people in this country.”

When prodded further on if he should be quoted, Ali thundered, “Put it like that. They are ungrateful” and went further to correct the impression that Obasanjo was unfair to Yoruba people throughout his time in government.

“What do you mean by being unfair to them?” he asked. “He is not a tribalist and he was not ruling a Yoruba kingdom. He ruled Nigeria. My own kingdom is one of the oldest kingdoms in this country –Igala kingdom.  By 1100 or so when the barbarians were invading Britain, Igala was already a kingdom. How do you expect the man to behave?”

And on the now famous 2/3 controversy which erupted following the elections that produced Alhaji Shehu Shagari as civilian President in 1979 as against the choice of Chief Obafemi Awolowo – Obasanjo’s kinsman, Colonel Ahmadu Ali (retd) as he was known then, responded, “Don’t talk rubbish. You are talking rubbish” he fumed at his interviewer.

“That is the stupidity of the press and the self-appointed Yoruba leaders who are failures in their various fields of endeavour. They are just a total failure. How can you say in an election where one candidate scored 12 million and showed presence in more than 12 states out of 19 and another candidate scored five million and showed presence in only five states, you then give it to the second person? What is democracy about? Is it a game of numbers? All the argument is about 12 two third? What is two third? The man had 12 states and 12 million votes. Awolowo had only five million and only in five states. You want to go and give it to him? Yoruba are another character.”


  1. Ahmadu Alli, should have his brain examined coz he is still suffering from the trauma of Alli must Go crisis of 1978 when he was a commissioner for education under his friend Obasanjo and mess he entrenched then on our education are still there un cleared.

  2. Ali is simply another joker trying to gain cheap popularity Im sure his children will be ashamed of him for his lack of basic moral value.

  3. Ali is like a steward,who opened the cellar after his master’s departure and drank several bottles of alcoholic wine.In his drunken stupor,he called his master an ass and proposed to his master’s wife.
    When the master came back,he give the rude steward a warning but forgave him.When asked why he had overlooked such insolence he smiled and said “the sight of wine is the sight of insanity”
    Yorubas have no choice than to tolerate a political nuisance who misuse his freedom of speech.

  4. Ali is right that is the clear pictuisre yoruba’s, only Ali forget to mention their Acclaimed stupidity hypocrisy and double standard, greediness aand selfcentered, any yoruba without their (this) qulities considered his self not true son of odudua,,,,,,,,,,useless people

  5. Ali is right that is the clear picture of yoruba’s, only Ali forget to mention their Acclaimed stupidity hypocrisy and double standard, greediness aand selfcentered, any yoruba without their (this) qulities considered his self not true son of odudua,,,,,,,,,,useless people

  6. Waoo! igala people na no go appreciate at all; no wonder you people use two hand to ate, how na go against yorubas’ kingdom even for what obasonjo has done to you people in his time.

  7. well said. I like his courage he has jst said d truth. I am a yoruba bt Ali hav jst spoken well. Yorubas can never be satisfy they ar jst like d gluton United states. They think more of themselves than collectiv will.

  8. honestly i can not understand the issue Mr. Ali and all his co-travellers who are raining abuses on Yoruba Race for being ungrateful to Obj over what? what did he do that we never show appreciations for? For his 8yrs rule as civilian President, what dividend of democracy did we enjoyed that warranted rolling out of drums for celebration? For the great infrastructural development? Ali and his co-commentators have really lost their sense of good judgement. it is only in the Northern part of Nigeria you can see good roads and the road constructed by the NDDC for the NigerDelta. No go road by the Federal Government under Obj in the South-West and South-East. May be someone will proof me wrong. So selfish is the man that the only one he struggle to construct was the Lagos-Abeokuta road and it was an apology till today. People should use their brain before commenting.

  9. The man is right,many yoruba’s are stupid,useless,ungreatful,selfish,follish,insuch,u can help me add more,pls my advise to them is that they should try n change….Then over to the man,he’s only trying to get something from BABA!(YORUBA NA YORUBA FINISH)OMO YORUBA NONI!!!

  10. Ali did not mean to abuse the Yorubas but he used the opportunite he had to give OBJ a polite insult. He confirmed that Obasanjo did nothing in south west during his regime cus he was a national president and then said Yorubas did not appreciate him. The man is older than meaningful reasonable judgement of facts.

  11. When Ahmadu Ali is talking, no one is talking. The man that have lost his thinking cap since. You are proud of being an igala man, do you know the meaning of igala in yoruba language? “ANIMAL” is the meaning of igala in yoruba language. No wonder you behave like animal. Who is your father in this country? You forefathers cannot even say it. You now opened that your stinking mouth and said rubbish about yoruba people. Na thunder go kill u.

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  13. Not because ℓ̊’m Yoruba boy…ℓ̊ don’t see point Α̲̅πϑ sense I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ what dis man J̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊S̤̥̈̊τ̲̣̣̥ wrote… An elderly person does not speak I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ this manner if his ιƨ̣̣̇̇ still normal…Tђξ. Only help ιƨ̣̣̇̇ my advice for him †ð go relax I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊. Psychiatry hospital.

  14. Pls let’s all yoruba’ pray 4 Amadu Ali. he ιƨ̣̣̇̇ suffering from mental Α̲̅πϑ spiritual disorder……concerning his statement on Yorubas

  15. Dat igala(animal) man is crazy. Dont mind him may be want a post from yoruba and yoruba refuse to give him dat post. dat is why he use his mouth to talk rubbish

  16. Nigeria is not one and will never be one. Lord Lugard you will not rest in peace. I am not surprised this is coming from a frustrated Igala man from a calamity called Kogi

    • Well, you have all spoken well. But come to think of it, those regarded as leaders in this country are unfortunate and they are the problem we have. As for Ahmadu Alli, you lack moral justification for your comments, I am very sure you will not allow any individual to bastardized your race the way you have done to Yorubas because of one miserable and God forsaken non-entity individual who happened to be your cohort in same party and same Government. Are you better than Obj? Check yourself! Your blemish in Kogi is still unclean, Though you have poured out your mind and very correct in some instances, but you have a naive and shallow sense of analysis and not courteous of sensitive words, big enough to truncate the peace of this country. I will never blame you ‘cos few people like you who are product of unguided society called “Military” often publicly display thunfulery and little madness. Be careful and be courteous of the comment you make, probably the FG should enrol the retired military personnel for norm, values and moral class to change your oblique orientation acquired from the Nigeria Defence academy used to dehumanise, sabotage and syphoned the common wealth of dear country.

  17. Only a brain retarded elder will generalized in that manner, i’m still not convinced that he said it, but if he deed, he must have specific with his category that they’re playing the game together and not to totality of a whole nation such as Yoruba where everyone have there own personal life and individual behavior


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