10 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Blackberry Z10

Ever since its release, the Blackberry Z10 has been making waves all over the world with many people rushing to stores to buy this new phone. Here are a few reasons why you might want to join the club.

1. BlackBerry Hub. BlackBerry Hub is the new messaging center on the Z10 and within the BB10 operating system. Calling it a “hub” was a good choice of words, as the BlackBerry Hub is the core of the Z10’s communications powers. Every type of message is funneled into the Hub, which includes email, text messages, instant messaging, social networking and so on. Giving users one place to see absolutely all their messages makes it a powerful and convenient tool.

2. Software keyboard. BlackBerry spent a lot of time rethinking the software keyboard for the Z10, and it shows. This keyboard is much better than the ones BlackBerry offered on devices such as the Storm or Torch. The keyboard is accurate and quick though it takes a little getting used to. Added features such as the word prediction are really helpful.

3. Browser. There’s no doubt that the BB10 browser is a major improvement over older BlackBerry browsers. It is quick and efficient at rendering both mobile-optimized and full-HTML web sites. It also supports other features such as multiple tabs and private browsing.

4. Hardware. It is not the best-looking or the highest-quality smartphone ever made, but BlackBerry got the basics of the Z10 just right. It has a good size and weight to it, the screen offers enough space for whatever you need to do, and features such as a removable battery and memory card stand in stark contrast to the many smartphones that don’t offer such flexibility.

5. Screen sharing. The Z10 is able to share its screen with other BB10 devices via BlackBerry Messenger. You can also share videos through this medium. This is an extremely useful feature that BlackBerry was smart to include.

6. High resolution display: The 4.2 inch Z10 LCD screen boasts 1280×768 pixels WXGA HD resolution display with 356 ppi meaning more color and crisper visuals.

7, Camera Quality: The Z10 features an 8-megapixel rear camera, which takes good pictures that users can proudly upload to Facebook or Twitter, and also records solid 1080p HD video.
The same goes for the 2-megapixel front camera, which also shoots 720p HD video. The camera’s software offers users a variety of features and options like the continuous shooting mode that lets users take a large number of pictures in quick succession.

8, More Attractive Design: The very design of the Z10 is also much improved. The new device looks a lot like an iPhone, but is slightly larger and still holds onto BlackBerry identity.
It also offers slightly textured backing to give you a better grip on your phone, making it less likely for it to slip out of your hand.

9, More advanced operating system:
BlackBerry 10 is the fresh operating system which the Z10 functions on. BlackBerry 10 has been loaded with a lot more applications than BlackBerry users had access to before. One of the 100,000 apps of which the Z10 allows access to is the much coveted photo sharing app,Instagram.

10, Time Shift: This is perhaps the most hyped feature of the Z10. It basically allows the user to find a time when the photo subject had a more photo worthy look. Time Shift allows you to take a few photos, then rewind and fast forward to find the perfect pose or smile before.

All these and more make the BlackBerry Z10 a must buy for phone lovers all over the world.


  1. Great Post. However you did not give pricing as one of the reasons to buy it. Is the pricing worth it? Also what do you think about the cheaper blackberry Q5 that is coming out soon?


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