2015: ACN Accuses FG Of Using Multi-Billion Naira OPC Oil Pipeline Protection Contract To Destabilize S’West

pdp-and-acn-flagThe Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has again raised the alarm over clandestine plots by the Federal Government, through the leader of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) Dr Frederick Fasehun to destabilise the southwest region ahead of the 2015 general elections.

Addressing a press conference yesterday in Lagos through its spokesman, Lai Mohammed, the ACN accused the Federal Government of plotting to instigate political crises in the region and cited the contract awarded the OPC founder for the protection of oil pipelines in the southwest and the emergence of the Boko Haram sect in Lagos recently as evidence.

The ACN statement read in part: “The PDP is keenly aware that it has totally lost the confidence of all Nigerians, and the long-suffering people of this great country are now ready and eager to vote out this clueless party. Keenly aware of this fact, the PDP has now realised that if, indeed, the 2015 elections are free and fair and conducted in a conducive environment, there will be no chance for the party.

“What is the way out for the PDP? The party has decided to go for broke: either there will be no elections in 2015 or the polls will be conducted in an atmosphere of chaos, thereby paving the way for the PDP to do what it does best – rig the elections!”

Speaking further, he said, “Since the Boko Haram crisis broke out in some parts of the north, it has been largely restricted to those parts. This has made it possible to say to prospective foreign investors and others that the whole country has not been engulfed in violence and insecurity. But now, the areas that have been largely peaceful are being targeted by those who will only be happy when the whole country is in turmoil.

He listed three recent events to buttress his allegations: the award of a multi-billion naira contract for the protection of oil pipelines in the southwest; that Fasehun, the main beneficiary of the contract, has suddenly begun plans to resusciate the defunct Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), formed by the respected statesman Chief Obafemi Awolowo; the arrest of suspected Boko Haram members in Lagos, specifically at a house belonging to the government of Bayelsa State, President Goodluck Jonathan’s home state.

The ACN went on: “The questions that arise are: what is the real intention of the Federal government in awarding this oil pipelines protection contract? Is it a mere coincidence that the main beneficiary of the multi-billion naira oil pipelines protection contract is also the same fellow who is promoting the revival of the UPN? Could the huge contract have been meant to provide the seed money for the promoters of this party?

“Is it true, as it is being alleged in certain quarters, that the essence of the contract is to recruit 30,000 youths who will ostensibly protect the pipelines, but in the real sense are ready hands to foment violence on demand in the southwest? Is it true that the so-called revival of the UPN is to provide a platform for anarchists and end-gamers in the southwest to infiltrate the ranks of the progressives and throw the region into chaos?

“Why is it that, suddenly, Boko Haram suspects are popping up in Lagos, and some of those who have been arrested were residing in a building owned by the Bayelsa State government? Is the Bayelsa state government aware of this and, if so, what has it done to evict them from the building?”

The statement went further to accuse the FG of promoting a policy of inciting some parts of the country against the other, as well as Christians against Muslims.

The party reiterated its position that the Boko Haram crisis was  social rather than  religious .


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