2015: Gov. Akpabio Should Be Held Responsible If Anything Happens To Me – Senator Etok

AKSAlloysius Etok, the Senator representing Akwa-Ibom North West zone in the National Assembly, has raised the alarm on plots by the state governor – Godswill Akpabio to assassinate him over his ambition to re-contest the senatorial election in 2015.

Akpabio, who is enjoying his last term in office as governor of Akwa Ibom state, reportedly has his eyes on Senator Etok’s seat.

The Senator, it would be recalled, was propped up for his current position by the governor but in a startling revelation while briefing newsmen, Senator Etok recalled the abduction of his wife and mother-in-law and the series of text messages from “Akpabio Killer Squad” threatening to assassinate him if he insists on contesting the Senatorial election come 2015 as proof of his allegations.

He said: “I have on this phone some text messages that if I don’t retract the statement that I will contest election, after seven days, I will see what they will do. The governor has also instructed different groups that if I don’t retract the statement within seven days, I will either be dead to stop me or alive to retract the statement.


“Therefore, I want you, all the media, to ask the governor, or those he had let loose, to tell the world what is the insult: that as soon as they knew I was going to contest, my wife was kidnapped. After the release of my wife, my mother in law was kidnapped. When she was released, she died because of the torture she received in the hands of the kidnappers. As a result of that, my father in law died out the heart break. Therefore, I also want Nigerians to ask Governor Akpabio what I have done to him. I have not done anything to him.

“I want all of you, like I am going to send a petition to the President, to ask Governor Akpabio to let me be; that his hit squad which he has resurrected should let me live. If anything happens to me, I want the world to know that Governor Akpabio is after my life.”

Etok reiterated his aspiration to seek re-election to the Senate come 2015 saying: “If I am sitting on a seat and somebody is coming to remove me without consultation, I will hold on to the seat even if the seat wants to break. Gentlemen of the press, I want to tell you that I never said any other thing apart from these statements.

“I want the Nigerian public to say which of these statement was an insult to the governor that he and his people said I have dared the governor for saying I will contest election. I want the governor to tell Nigerians and the International Community if there is anything wrong in any man aspiring to contest for an office?”



  1. Pls i beg both of u in d name of God to settle this matter that both of u are brothers as far as Akwa Ibom State is concern. What will people 4rm outside Akwa Ibom say about both of u when they see or hear dat both of u are quarrelling? I ask of peace and love of God almighty into ur midst 4 both of u to settle this matter peacefully between a second and beginning to be lovely to each other as of b4 in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

  2. What the hell is wrong with this opportunist iletrate murderer call Akpabio? Does he want to extend his years of atroucities in Akwa Ibom State to Abuja? After threatening Ordinary Ahamed of embelembe family for saying the truth, it is now A serving senator who by all standard is higher in ranking than him as a governor? I think his time has come because he who the gods want to destroy, he first make mad…

  3. What is our leaders turning into? For Gods dear sake, why will they want to take laws into their hands?, thinking they can always have their way once they are in leadership positions. Remember, the eyes of the Lord are watching closely.


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