5 Ways To Get Your Guy To Propose

Sometimes the best way to get something, is to pretend you don’t want it. These are tips to ensure that your man gets down on one knee and makes you his queen forever.

1. Don’t talk about weddings

This might seem counter productive but if you make it obvious that you are dying to be proposed to, chances are that your guy will run a mile. So, every time you pass a wedding procession pretend to be irritated. If there’s a wedding scene in a film you both are watching, yawn and if you go to a wedding together, complain about the length of the ceremony and the poor quality of food. At home, keep saying, “I just hope you’ll never make me do that.”

2. Feel bad for engaged and married pairs

When you meet up with your oldest pal who’s got everything according to you – the house, the man and the kids -pretend that you guys are better off than them. On your way home, keep telling your man how you thought that they looked miserable and bored. Even if know you are lying to yourself – just keep telling your guy that you both are far happier than them. He’s bound to be surprised.

3. Spend time with your girlfriends

Take time away from your man to hang out with your gal pals. Give him space to miss you. Let it occur to him that everyday that you remain single is an opportunity for you to be snatched up by other eligible men. Have a life apart from him until he makes the move and makes you part of his life forever.

4. Don’t let him meet your parents

When a guy meets your family, it makes him relaxed and this can delay the commitment process. A guy who hasn’t met the parents knows that he isn’t being taken seriously yet and this will keep him on his toes. If such a guy truly wants you,  he’ll have no choice but to pin you down and beg you to be his eternal flame.

5. Resist the temptation to move in with your guy

You’re dying to move in with your man to show your commitment. You’ve even created a place in his house for your belongings, but woman remember moving in minus that commitment is just giving it too easy to your man. He’s likely to never ask for your hand, cos he’s enjoying all the perks of marriage, minus the responsibilities. So, keep that distance and keep him wanting more when you kiss him goodnight at the door.

Source:timesofindia.com -4/4/2013



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