9 Feared Dead As Suspected Fulani Herdsmen Ambush Bus In Benue


A commuter bus conveying 13 passengers from Gbajimba in Guma local government area of Benue state capital was Friday ambushed at Ajir village by suspected Fulani herdsmen with nine of the occupants reportedly killed or missing.

Sources said the incident has left all commuters traveling to and out of Gbajimba stranded as commercial motor operators have withdrawn all their vehicles on that route.

“The occupants who were mostly native Tiv farmers were traveling from Gbajimba to Makurdi at about 11am when the heavily armed herdsmen waylaid and opened fire on them, killing two at the spot, four of the passengers managed to escape while seven others were chased into the bush by the assailants,” a source said.

“Our fear at the moment is that those that were chased into the bush might have been killed because no one knows their whereabout and their families are yet to trace them.

“The search for them is still continuing but we are scared that they might have been killed because if they are still alive, we would have seen at least one of time,” he said.

Confirming the attack, Benue State Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Deputy Suprintendent of Police Daniel Ezeala disclosed that the Benue state Commissioner of Police had directed an immediate investigation into the matter.

“The assailants killed one of the occupants on the spot after shooting sporadically into the bus, but our men recovered another corpse in the bush.

“The Benue state Commissioner of Police has directed an immediate search of the entire area to ensure that the missing persons are traced and rescued. And security has already been beefed in the community,” he added.


  1. These Fulanis again.They are not yet done with the havoc they are causing in Plateu State.Recently they also went and attacked some Yoruba farmers in their land.Even in my village in the Eastern Region sometime ago their herds men and their cattle went and distroyed cash crops of our farmers with impunity.When the farmers protested the Fulanis attacked them leading to a serious fight that dislodged them from the bush.These Fulanis are wild apes specie that have some charateristics of humans yet they still remain the animals they are.They believe all lands belong to no one.If so why are there boundaries?Where ever they wandered to outside of Sokoto they are strangers there, they should know it.I know it is one Nigeria,but many Nations with diffrent cultures and value systems that should be respected by each other for peace and tranquility to reign.Another thing is that these Fulanis are too bad that even if any Clan allow them stay within there teritory with time they will try to dominate or even cease the land.Anyway they can not try it successfully in Igbo Land.My Dear Tiv people I am sorry for what happend to you.You people shiouid device a means to deter and curtail the vagabonds(Fulanis),before they turn Benuue to another theater of mayhem and destruction.This Task can not be done successfully without the collaboration of other tribes in Benue.If other tribes fail to support it will reach their turn too someday.Best thing to do don’t allow them settle separately in any bush in Benue even temporarily.Otherwise it will create problems when they lay claims to the lands.