Amnesty: Boko Haram Gives FG Conditions For Dialogue

boko-haram-3Muhammad Marwan, a leader of the Boko Haram sect, has said that if the Federal Government would not blackmail or deceive them as was done in the past, they will be ready to embrace dialogue as was initiated by the Northern Elders Forum.

Marwan, who spoke in an interview with the Hausa Service of the Voice of America (VOA) monitored in Kaduna on Tuesday, added that he was speaking on behalf of members of Jamatul Ahlus Sunnati lil Daawati wal Jihad, otherwise known as Boko Haram.

“We thank Allah, we will extend our hands for dialogue to the northern elders just as was done before under my leadership. But if they come there shouldn’t be any deceit in it as was experienced in the past,” he said.

Marwan, however said they were yet to be contacted on the issue of amnesty, but agreed that dialogue was the most important thing in settling matters between aggrieved parties and hoped that a genuine and sincere discussion would eventually lead to amicable resolution of the protracted crisis.


His words: “My hope is this, everyday, it is the government that is seeking for this ,on matters pertaining to everyday life, we thank Allah our hope is that there shouldn’t be any deceit, let them come for it. This dialogue is the most important, it is what people want, anytime the issue of dialogue comes in, it is what people are looking for to settle matters between two warring factions.

“Nobody contacted us on this amnesty and we did not contact anybody also. What I’m saying now, truly you are talking with Muhammad Marwan and those that sat with me in the past, will definitely know that you are talking to Muhammad Marwan. I hope if they come through the right channel just as they came to us in the past, Allah willing, they will achieve the desired result. I am assuring the Muslim community particularly in the North, the desired result will be achieved but they should pray so that there will not be any blackmail and deceit on the government’s part as was experienced in the past. This should be their prayers,” he said.


  1. All this point to only 1 thing and 1 thing only Fraud!!! DayLight Robbery…. Whr is the Imam dt post videos on youtube, He should be the one to accpt the amnesty. I stand to be corrected.

  2. This is to remind mr president just incase he has forgotten or never heard of it that no country or province goes into dialogue or negotiation with terrorist. Is there any reason why the boko haram is wanting to kill the whole northern state. If only the can provide a awesome reason why they are doing what thay doing then good but if there is no reason then the should do something about the staving masses. Again no One goes in to dialogue with terrorist…..

  3. Idiots. You are not talking to any Muslim in the North. Remember God said “INNA RABBAKA LABIL MIR SUADI” Indeed He is at the bus stop… You will meet Him any time, any day. Why do you need amnesty? Will amnesty solve your problems/objects? Are you really Muslims? What actually do you want, killing people in the North only? Is North the only Nigeria? Are there not Muslims and Christains in South south and south east?
    FG! Politicians! Who ever! …

  4. I cam assure you that after giving amnesty to this people call. B oko Haram will give birth to another fiercer Islamic group in the nearest future. If you don’t believe this, you can cast your mind back and see that after every 15 years they always come out with a renewed Jihad method. Boko Haram has been here since decades ago; they only change mnethods of approach with the passing days. The Fedral Government should think twise. Dialogue cannot stop these people. It is force that can stop them.

  5. why not interprete d statement of dis bk haram leader, he has made his words clear dt d govt is d one messing up. But becus of selfishness n religious differences, some of us does’nt want to accept d truth. Allah knows best, wheither we lyk it or not, we’ll b judge according to our deed. So u pple shld watch wht u say.

  6. Joe should not waiste my oil money on dis fools, let ur alah keep watching u all till no soul left. Mumu abeg continue 2 kill urselves, a be no be ona self ona dey kill? goats.

  7. No amnesty can stop this blood sucking jihadists. I wonder why some pple are dissociating them from Islam when we all know that almost all countries where we have muslims are face d same problem.

  8. People watch ur mouth, stop blaming Islam for this cos when you look at ur self as non Muslim and you keep on blaming Muslims for these we wil blame the christian for N-Deltan`s terrorism. Watch ur mouth once again.

  9. infact this is becoming something else, my fellows nigerians, have you clearly heard what this monkey is saying, he says to his fellows nothern muslim leaders that he he hope they will reach to a desired result. my question is, which desired result, this is to show that they have hiding agenda and they all know it and are trying to archieve it through this dialogue of a think. care most be taking if not something wrong will happen

  10. The FG should allow boko haran to kill and distroy d north bcos they are killing and distroying their people and town

    The attempt by satan to annihilate God’s people!
    Because he knows his time is near(psalm 2:1-end)
    Jesus said it

    Is ok because in me you(Christians) would have peace but in the world u shall have tribulation!JEHOVAH is not allah!make no mistakes! WARNING:judgement day is near! Do not face God without Jesus Christ!!! Meet you all @ amagadom(Revelation understood better now than ever) Christians must take this oppoturnity to get rapture consequently and not quibble.ok?

  12. Tell boko.haram that they should not exhaust all their weapons in hurry becos the biggest WAR OF AMAGEDDON is ahead of them .here they will fight JESUS face to face whom they have been fighting all this the simple ones give your life jesus without the fear of death .Jesus is coming very soon ,be ready,for the whole world will mourn before HIM ,boko haram will see HIM and melt with fear.i pray that soul be save on that day .shalom


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