Amnesty: CAN President Is Misleading Jonathan – Unongo

CANGEJAmnesty to Boko Haram is the most viable option to attaining peace in northern Nigeria, according to Deputy Chairman of the Northern Elders’ Forum, Wantaregh Paul Unongo.

Unongo also accused the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) president, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor of attempting to mislead President Goodluck Jonathan.

He said people like the CAN president are not speaking on behalf of Christians as the solution they are proffering would not bring peace.

“You can’t end a war with a war which is the theory presented to Mr President by the president of the CAN because he doesn’t want Mr president to talk to the people who are the warring people. He wants soldiers to kill them the more. These are the people who tie themselves up to be blown up; do they care about their lives?

“They kill themselves first. They press their button and blow themselves. Do they care if you kill them? Can you solve the problem by killing them? How many would you kill? Those people who make the president feel you can solve the problem by killing them are mad,” he said.

“Why do Nigerians want Mr President to fail, lying to him that these are religious problem? I am a Christian, why is Mr Oritsejafor lying to the president that it is a war against Christians even when large numbers of Muslims are killed? This is a more complex phenomenon and they should leave this man alone. He is on the right track; it is not a religious war.”

Unongo said “the Muslims in Kano, the Muslims in Borno, and the Muslims in Yobe all hate Boko Haram more than those opposed to the deal because Boko Haram has wrecked such havoc on their families – they have lost their wives, they have lost their monies, they have lost their trade, they have lost everything they have. How can they support Boko Haram? So the simplistic interpretation of what is happening in the far northern part of Nigeria is not acceptable.

“These are agents provocateurs; these are enemies of Nigeria; these are people pushing Jonathan to make a mistake. The problem of Boko Haram is a problem of terrorism.

“Niger delta militants were criminals yet we dialogued with them and we got results. When we sent soldiers to go and kill people in Odi and we killed them but they fought back and they eventually produced all kinds of militants equipped with proper arms;did that action end the fighting in Niger Delta through killing all the people of Niger Delta? If the Nigerian nation wanted to commit genocide, they would have killed everybody in Niger Delta, but would it have been the solution?” he said.


  1. I tink u got d CAN president wrong.He never opposed amnesty in totality bt ws of d view dat d Fed Govt soud first identity d pple dey r to grant amnesty to.

  2. Ow do u grant amnesty to killers leavin d victims to suffer?is dat nt injustice?it ll definitely nt yield a lastin results cos somday,d victims might also react.

  3. Unongo you are wise man and you know what you are doing unlike some people that have nothing but religious and cultural sentiment. There is no any normal person that will support what Boko Haram is doing, beside they kill both Muslims and Christians and several attacks have taken place not only in the churches, but in the mosques also. Go to Maiduguri, Yobe where they originated and take the statistic of people that have been killed, you will know that more Muslim are killed than Xtians. And Islam also rejects what they do, would you call them religious fighters? Check Qur’an 5:30, 2:256, 115. All these references made it clear that killing any innocent is a grave sin and everybody has right worship whoever he thinks is his deity. Allah (God) says: Whoever ever kills unless if it be for murder or creating mischief is as though he has killed the whole of humanity(His reward is hell), and whoever saves a life is as though he saves the whole of humankind (His reward is Heaven) .
    IS unfair to call BH Muslims according to me because they don’t follow the teaching of Islam rather they are doing it for their own purpose.

  4. Before Amnesty was granted to militants, atleast they where known and reasons for aggitation also known.
    Does any one have idea whom these boko haram sect are, and reasons for their killings?

  5. If BH r faceless,then how is d JTF killing them everyday as they (jtf) claim? If they’re faceless how was Abu qaqa arrested? If BH r faceless how come d president knows they’re in his cabinet? Ds Oritsejafor is enjoying from corruption and insecurity, no wonder his church members donated a jet to him so he could go to abuja and other world tourist centers with easy anytime. Understand him CAN has become more of an arm of d FG/PDP. He needs to be probed for his disturbing utterances.

  6. Mr paul onungo, if i may ask do you mean that all the liives the boko haram cult has wasted does not matter? that because of greed and politics any nummber of-lives wasted including that of your family is justified?. bear in mind that God can not be mucked what ever a man sowed that he shall reap.

    • Pls did u want to tell that mend known as militant they did not killed any innocent soul, what about workers, police men, solder, civilian that they waste their life befor amnesty is granted to them, or which any of nigerian advice Mr president then to grant amnesty to this militant region, present president saying their are faceless but jtf killing this people everyday what about does who they arrest during d first dialogue with president, what about does they put in prison with charge them to court, harry okah tha they jail what is offence it he not the first person to use bomb to Killed people as abuja, does who he kill what is their offence, since you known south south generally what is the good things that they offer this nation? Every good things Nigeria is benefits today is been done by norhterner.

  7. Mr/mrs Shammang, is it wise 4 somone 2 negotiate somtin 4 u on ur behalf,witout letting u know ? those pple dat are negociating on behalf of d useless Aboki Haram’s were dey sent by dem, can u pay d dept of one man 2 anoda man witout informing d owner & get peace. Lets not deceive ourselves, d socalled Aboki Haram’s are not agitating 4 amnesty, but deir selfish political leaders, trying 2 use dis avenue 2 help deir political togs

  8. Paul let me correct u and know it 2day u are not a christian even in ur reasoning please christians dnt talk like dat and there are ways u culd rebuk one. I think u are considering much of ur interest dan all God ll hold u responsible

  9. I tink dis Paul of a man is mad.what xactly would u say boko is fsghting for?if u want amnesty fo boko den ask dem to com out & do wot d nija delta militants did by laying down their arms.u hav Neva been a Christian frm ur birth bcos no Christian wil eva speak if a pastor d way u’ve done.wot u northern elders hav sown u reaping & wil surly reap it d more.

  10. Did the Boko Haram tell U̶̲̥̅̊ dat they want amnesty.? Why would our able president grant dem amnesty. D Mend den was agitating for wat dey tink is rite n dey came out n amnesty was giving †☀ dem, wat is d Boko Haram agitating for if dey are nt afraid let them com out n tell us wat dia problm is. I dnt tink dat giving them Islamic state n no western education is can be possible.

  11. Debayo. U r very foolish to make such a stupid statement. What do u mean by wat has d ss done for the country, if i may ask u, hw many heads of states and president has the north provided? Wat benefit has it been to the northern folks? All the northern folks u see in d str. Of abuja scavenging for scraps and eating from dustbin, are they nt human beings? U watch ur utterances mr man. The bk haram are taking their fight bck to their home to punish d did or their elders who ruled dis country. Do u ask y an average housa doesnt speak english or dosnt even hear? Its cos the northern elders dont want them to knw anyting about their economy. U dont wake up to say nonsense cos u have access to communications. The hausas in abuja dat eat frm the bin are nt insane people, its just that the dnt knw their left to right. The northerners are being punished by their dids, that was y IBB, buhari and atiku weap, that was cos they knew they cause the northern problems. So stop it mr debayo

  12. Good one Onungo paul. Mr president should hasten to grant u amnesty bcos u have tried to come out like N delter boys. Rubish. No peace for the wicked. U shall all reap ur wickedness.


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