Amnesty For Boko Haram: “You Are On Suicide Mission — Christians Tells FG

The Secretary to the Bauchi state Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Rev. Joshua Ray Mains, described the Federal Government’s offer of amnesty to Boko Haram as a wrong strategy for the 2015 general election by President Jonathan, saying that the move would never achieve the ultimate goal of a peaceful resolution.

It condemned the idea of granting amnesty to a faceless group that had wantonly destroyed lives and property of Nigerians at every turn. He said amnesty should only be granted to people with known ideology, identities and vision and not a sect whose membership and ideology remain unclear.

The CAN Secretary said, “The issue of granting amnesty to the Boko Haram group should not even arise in the first instance because up till today nobody can actually point out who members of this group are. We have a problem of identifying this group and I don’t think it is rational to give amnesty to group of people you don’t know.”

He said that amnesty should be given to a group of individual who had lost a stake, like the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta, adding that they had their strong reasons for amnesty such as oil exploitation, infrastructural decay, unemployment and land degradation.

“Why should they be given amnesty? Are we congratulating them for the people they have sent to their early graves or are we encouraging them to continue with their acts so that other groups can take advantage of the amnesty and continue to disrupt the peace of the country? He asked.

Also reacting to the amnesty offer to the faceless Boko Haram group, Pastor Bitrus Bdliya of the Church of Brethren in Nigeria described the offer as an exercise in futility, as it would not make the boys to stop their bombing campaigns.

He wondered how the government should contemplate amnesty for Boko Haram whose leader, Imam Abubakar Shekau, had come out publicly through the media to reject such offer.

He said, it was unfortunate that some people equated Boko Haram with the Niger Delta militias, pointing out that the two groups and their interests were not the same and should not be juxtaposed for any reason.

Bdliya pointed out that while the Niger Delta militants fought for a share of the oil being exploited in the region, Boko Haram merely wants to kill Christians and islamize the country by force.

Also speaking, the Yobe State CAN Chairman, Reverend Idi Garba, noted that the Federal Government’s attempt would amount to waste of time and resources, since the sect members had not sought repentance and forgiveness before the federal government threw the offer at them.


  1. Throwing amnesty to Boko Haram remains the most naïve of all decisions taken by the present administration led by GEJ. How can u roll out drums to celebrate a sect that doesn’t have legitimate pursuit.
    I have sought to know what they are fighting for. All I hear is that Western education is evil. All I hear is that the entire country must be Islamised. The question is, are these things legitimate? Especially in a country that has been battered by political and religious sentiments. I think this move by the president is certainly going to spell doom for the nation. In different regions of the country, out of school youths are likely to take up arms as this appears the most lucrative vocation available yet. If each member of the sect is sure to receive N100,000/month, killing and maiming remains the most logical job in the country as it presently stands. Sad!

  2. Hmmmmmm i in deep thought. Perhaps it is really time for us all relocate our self to outer space as riduclous ideas keep springin out from our so called leader.... The peopl dat need amnesty ar those who hav just cause to fight for wat is their right....

    Am very convinced that dis is d very time to relocate to outer space cos we ar now in a jungle wit endangered species of animals. Sure federal governmt do go on n encourage murderous criminals by paying them huge sums. In d name of amnesty. Who will grant amnesty to d families of those whos lives were cut short in its peak. Cos this ar the peopl who have just cause to ask for amnesty for the in human act of this cowardly, psychopaths, muderous imbeciles who hav nothing whatsoever to offer ds country. Amnesty should b given to d countless ibo traders n other minority christian tribes whose means of livelihood has been destroyed, who has been rendered homeless n hungry, who has becomes destitutes in their own country through no fault of theirs. But hav bcome victims of difference in opinion of the politcal jugganuts of ds their game of chess. Bulshit.. D fed. Got shld hide it face under d table for shaming us. They should exile all the christians instead … The christians in this country need AMNESTY!

  3. Absolutely irrational! What baffles me the most is why amnesty for this sect is contemplated in the first place. Imagine a group fighting to forcefully impose their religion on other citizens and you came up with the idea of granting them amnesty. What economic benefits will their course and granting them amnesty bring to the north or Nigeria as a whole? These guys are known to most Northern leaders they should point at them if they really want peace for this nation. They should be made known for military action to be taken against them. America will never grant amnesty to a terrorist group. Never! FG, please take military action against these devils instead of thinking about amnesty. Many lives have been lost. It’s crazy!


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