Amnesty: Jonathan Sets Up Committee On Boko Haram

jonathan-bokoAfter several months of foot dragging and buck passing between the Presidency and stakeholders in the north on the emergence of Boko Haram and the possibility of granting amnesty to its members, the Federal government, yesterday, took a decisive step towards granting members of the sect amnesty as it set up a committee to look at the feasibility or otherwise of the programme.

The committee has as its terms of reference:

*To consider the feasibility or otherwise of granting pardon to the Boko Haram adherents,

*Collate clamours arising from different interest groups who want the apex government to administer clemency on members of the religious sect; and

*To recommend modalities for the granting of the pardon, should such step become the logical one to take under the prevailing circumstance.

A senior security official who was privy to the meeting of the National Security Council yesterday, said that the President set up an in-house committee with a two-week deadline to consider the clamour for amnesty for Boko Haram members and consider its feasibility or otherwise.

The source said: “If the committee, which will work hand in hand with the National Security Adviser (NSA) decides that amnesty would be workable, it will then outline modalities for implementing it’. He added that contrary to insinuations in some quarters, the President never said there would be no amnesty at all but that he would do so if people come forward to identify themselves for discussion and negotiations.

“It is a complex situation, but government has obligation to respect public opinion, especially with increasing clamour for the amnesty from various quarters”, he added.

Under the proposed plan, the Federal Government is to set up an Amnesty Commission, which would serve as a quasi-judicial body, to register and cater for repentant members of the sect and protect them from being harassed or intimidated by security agents.


  • If granting of Amnesty to Bobo Haram is going to work by the Presidency, den Nigerians should be ready to separate in a long run… For God sake granting of Amnesty to this Sect of Terrorist dat av wasted innocent life and property. Igbo Menace av done theirs successfully, and now d Hausas Sect again, if amnesty is considered for Boko Haram at d end, den d Yorubas will form their own Sect if Terrorists in other to av Amnesty also. Thank u.

  • everybody should jst stop working nd start killing 2 get amnesty 4rm government. If dats d only way 2 get cheap money 4rm d fedral govt den she shld be ready 2 c more deadly group dan boko haram. As 4 d big wide mouthed tinubu dat has been selling d yorubas 2 d hausas, he shld be askd if dere are no poor people in d south west dat needs amnesty aswel, dat he can fight 4 d way he is doing 4 his hausa muslim brodas. Tinubu shld no dat d tym wil cme if 9ja remains dat d jobles nd poverty stricken yorubas wil come afta him nd wil mke d whole place hot 4 him 2 enjoy al d money he has lootd 4rm dem.

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