Ankara Fever: How the Ankara Fabric Has Gone International.

ankara international

Once upon a time, the Ankara fabric was considered to be the official clothing of poor people. The affluent hardly ever wore Ankara, and even when they did, it would be because of an occasion or event, not because they desired to. That has however changed.


Ankara is now not only worn by the rich, it has gone international. Many stars, home and abroad, now rock the Ankara fabric in different types of modern designs. Ankara is now being made into beach shorts, pants, playsuits, evening dresses.


Ankara accessories are now the reigning fad. Bangles, slippers, purses, earrings, shoes, you name it! If it’s a popular accessory, it definitely has an Ankara alternative.

Even the men are not left out as they now rock Ankara too as jackets and casual wear. It seems that the god of fashion has smiled down upon the Ankara fabric and made it to be loved  and sought after by all. So go ahead, rock that Ankara today and be proudly Nigerian!




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