Anonymous Donor Pays For Quintuplets’ Hospital Bills

Ranim Amir and Hassan check on one of their babies at the Saudi-German Hospital in Dubai. Image Credit: Gulf News
Ranim Amir and Hassan check on one of their babies at the Saudi-German Hospital in Dubai.
Image Credit: Gulf News

An anonymous donor has stepped up to pay the hospital bills of the quintuplets, who were born prematurely in February to an Emirati family.

Asking to remain anonymous, the donor heard about the Barmada family’s financial situation only four days ago, and was able to collect the full amount in time for the discharge of the two babies who were still in the Saudi-German Hospital.

The Barmada family, who lost one of their five babies just a few days after he was born, has been praying for the recovery of their four babies as they stood by their bedside for almost eight weeks.

“I keep thanking God, everything has turned out OK,” said Hassan Barmada, the father of the babies.


The four babies who have been under constant observation and treatment for almost two months, were finally able to go home yesterday after they were discharged following the full payment of the hospital bills.

While the total bill was set to reach an estimated Dh1.4 million, the hospital gave the Syrian couple a 50 per cent discount which was paid by the donor.

Looking forward to having his whole family home for the first time since their birth, Hassan said he is grateful for the support of his family, friends and colleagues at work at Al An TV for their financial and emotional support.

“I’m so grateful to everyone who supported me and to the doctors and nurses who took special care of my babies for the past two months,” said Hassan.

With the babies having passed the critical stage, the father of five said they are all healthy and recovering quickly.

“The heaviest baby is now 2.7kg and the lightest is the baby girl and she weighs 2.17kg,” said Hassan.

Pointing out that one of the babies had previously been diagnosed with having a fast heart beat, Hassan said that the doctors will carry out further checks to follow this up.

“The babies will visit the hospital every 10 days for regular check-ups,” added Hassan.

Hassan says his mother and mother-in-law will be around to help take care of the four babies for the next few months.


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