Ask Jay: I Have A Dream But I Have No Money. What Should I Do?


Dear Jay,

I’m from a very rich family but my immediate family is poor, having been rich before my dad died. I haven’t been able to finish University and have dropped out/withdrawn at the same time just to hustle. I am now in a state of dilemma, having suicidal thoughts every day and the whole lot. I have been able to identify my issue and it has to do with me traveling out of the country. I want to attend the London Academy for film and media. The course I wish to undertake costs 64000 naira which I can afford, but the issue is who is willing to sponsor me?


Dear M.A,

The loss of a parent can be very hard to bear especially when it comes with a change in circumstances. It’s very hard to deal with financial challenges, especially when you’ve been rich before. I can understand why not finishing school and not being able to afford to pursue your dreams can make you think of suicide. However, killing yourself won’t solve anything. Rather it would mean all your years of hard work have been a waste.

Norman Vincent Peale said: “Empty pockets never held anyone back; only empty heads and empty hearts can do that”. The point I’m trying to make is, you might not have money right now, but you definitely have something. What can you do while in Nigeria to pursue your dreams? What step can you take to get better in that field you want to pursue that doesn’t necessarily require money?

Most people, who have achieved success, pursued their dreams against all odds. Dangote started with 500 naira, Cosmas Maduka was a sales boy who slept in a shop. If you keep waiting for a perfect situation, you will never do anything. Go in the direction of your dreams however you can at this very moment. There is power in action. Once you start on that journey, I assure you, you’ll find help. After all, you can only give a lift to someone who’s already on the way. I wish you the very best.



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