Ask Jay: I Want to Stop This Illegal Business But I Don’t Know What Else to Do. Please Help!


Dear Jay,

I am a 35-year-old male, married and currently working in a company where I earn #23,000 monthly, but  I make a lot of money illegally from activities that could land me in jail. Currently, I am building a house in my village which is at roofing stage and my wife sells women’s clothes. My problem is that I have 700,000 naira now, I want to start a business because I’m afraid I might be caught and I also want to roof my house in the village. My wife suggests that I roof the house and keep on working till December but I want to leave because if I stay I might be tempted. I’m confused. Another problem is that if I should leave I don’t know which business to do with the money. Please I need urgent advice and counselling.


Dear C.K,

I understand your confusion. You want to stop the illegal business but it seems there’s no way out. Do you know why many thieves get caught? It’s because of greed. Even after they’ve made enough, they continue to take more until someone catches them.

My advice to you, first of all, is to stop that illegal business immediately. If you get caught, your wife will remain free while you go to prison. As for the money you’ve saved, please invest it. Roofing your house in the village will not produce any money but if you invest the money, you will get more money to roof your house and even build more.

As regards what business you should do, you are a smart and intelligent Ibo man, business savvy and enterprising by nature. I’m sure you’ll figure something out. Just make sure it’s legal this time.

I hope this was helpful. I wish you the very best.



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