Association of Witches And Wizards In Nigeria Gives 2015 Polls To Jonathan, Says Buhari Will Never Rule Nigeria Again

WitchesThe leader of the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, General Mohammadu Buhari (retd) has been advised to bury his ambition of ever ruling Nigeria again.

This advice was given by the Association of Witches and Wizards in Nigeria through its spokesperson, Dr. Okhue Iboi, in an interview.

He asserted that witches and wizards in the region would not allow him to spearhead the affairs of the nation again.

“If Buhari contests 100 times, he can’t rule this country again,” Iboi began, “because the pillars of the north at night have no likeness for him. They would not let him rule this country.”

On President Goodluck Jonathan’s 2015 ambition, Iboi said, he will “re-contest and he will win the 2015 election irrespective of whatever opposition that rises against him”.

On the menace of Boko Haram, Iboi said, “We gave the witches in the North the mandate to cool down Boko Haram; mark my words, by the end of this year, you will hardly hear of any Boko Haram mayhem again.”

On the proposed merger of political parties under the banner of All Progressives Congress (APC) and its chances of challenging the dominion of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, the coven’s image maker asserted, “This mega party when we looked at them and their future, they are good, they have good intentions, but at the last minute, before election, they will be thrown into disarray; they will have a big disagreement that will shatter the party and in-fighting over superiority. This discord will not be settled until the elections hold.”


  1. Reporting witches and wizards story does not seem to be good ethics of journalism. After all our constitution does not recognize their relevance in our society.
    I wonder what journalism is turning into this day.
    Concerning the Buhari’s ambition, many well meaning Nigerians who believes in nemesis and retribution knew long ago that what a man sow is what he will reap. He was the one that aborted and tragically brought to an end the second republic. If the second republic was left alone, then up to now, Nigeria would have adjusted and become a better Nation today. His military adventure paved way for Babangida and Abacha.
    How can he now think that he can ride on the same platform he himself once destroyed. What you never appreciated

  2. Only God the Supreme has that power. You can tell that to the fools. Why are people speaking out of ignorance and yet they want some listenership.

  3. Mr. Wizard. we all know that Gen Buhari will never rule Naija again,himself know am, na im make am cry d other time. Him go still cry again. ANIMAL IN HUMAN SKIN

  4. Whether u say it or not, everybody in this country both great & small knows that, blood shucker buhari can never ever smell dat seat again. Let him keep drinking, shucking the blood of his brothers & sisters in the north, cow like him.

  5. you witches and whatever u call youself are mere rascals from the 9ja delta,to hell with your assertion never a 9ja deltaman again! foolish pple.

  6. if GEJ had the approval of God before he had lost it now.God will never give His approval to what witches has endorse God cannot approve a man whose lot is determined by Satan. also if GEJ should win next election as approved by witches and wizard be expecting more blood to flow because the only water witches drink is blood and they eat the flesh of men as their meat. therefore God will tear his regim before 2015 and he will not be the one to contest it as God lives and His Spirit lives. God will raise up for us a leader who will draw this nation back to God wether man like it or not and so shall it be IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER! AND OF THE SON! AND OF THE HOLY GHOST! AMEN.

  7. My pipu av u tink about second comn of our Lorld Jesus Christ. 4 wt all our Govmt do it nt a new tin bcos w r in d last time, wht I knw is dat all power blong 2 Jesus bcos r leada it naw Boko, nd dey r godfather 4 Boko

  8. get behind us agents of satan for u cannot determine d future of this country,if God want Buhari,there nothing u can do than to get to hell wit ur son GEJ

    • Almighty God will not allow buhari or anybody that will bring hadship to the good people of this country to be our president again.

  9. I want to believe no body is God. No body wil ever predict wot God wil do for Nigeria,For de case of Buhari,his Ambition is left for God to decide

  10. Lmfao, Association of what and what again? Where are they coming from, whats the recognition and with whom or organization are they registered with. This sounds insane to me. No ones knows tomorrow, who d hell think they can just come and full d cover pages of newpapers with ruthless talks and claim. I wasnt even expecting things of this such in d news at all, am disappointed. Where and who are the future deciders, as long as God still reighns, Jonathan and his self-centered people will never rule Nigeria again. Insha Allah, Allah the decider of faith will give us a good leader even if it doesnt turn out to be Buhari. Someone of true leadership quality with a good heart and love for the masses

  11. Buhari must learn 2 let Nigeria liv nd liv in peace, if Nigeria wil b ruled by tears den ini edu wud av emerged d presidnt of dis countri or ani oda actor or actress bcos dei knw hw 2 cry mor Dan u buhari, u crocodile tears re 99% fake, its dos tears dat re nw blood of innocent nigerians, u wil nt c 2015, i promise u.

    • Gaga are u also a wizard promising that Buhari will not 2015? You are not God.
      Only God knows who will see tommorrow talkless of 2015.what makes you think that you or even Jonajthan will see 2015?u could die within the twinkling of an eye,you dont know your own destiny talkless of knowing the destiny of others,you should learn to guard your tongue.

      • Bashir! U dey try tell us say buhari na good man! Ah! Eh be like dem neva born u wen buhary overtron d 2nd republic. Him and ibb nd abacha na birds of d same feathers! Bashir no mata hw u campagne for buhari.or criticise goodluck. God no go allow dat imbesile devil rule naija again

  12. Witches and wizirds or whatever you call yourselves, you cant prevent what God has planned…..Buhari is on rescue mission to save this nation comes 2015 in Jesus name

  13. Fellow 9ja, whose report do u believe in? The witches or God? Jehovah has the final say! Am not moved by the fear of 2015 at all, all I know is GOD WILL FIGTH THAT BATTLE BECAUSE IT’S HIS!

  14. Becouse this county don’t belong to witches an wizard their prediction will fail an whoms ever their prophecy go to will not come to pass . Except God prophecy that will stand. For buhari to rule this country is not possible he can naver win election in south east an south that means though he win the hole north an west he has fail.

    • George are you not contradicting yourself?you said only God decides who rule Nigeria,and then you said again Buhari will never rule Nigeria again,has God informed you about that also?learn to respect God your creator and mine.

  15. Fellow nigerians, let me also remind u that God is no respecter of persons.. When he wants 2 work, he can even use satan himself (if it pleases him), cos he (satan) gat no say..

  16. So this kind of association is in existn in this physical in nija and they have d impetus 2 show forth their selves, no wonder christians are suferng in each pasng day in this country may amighty God arise n let His enemies schater speedily.

  17. Smtyms I jst bgin 2 wonder if there r stil ethics in journalism. CAC, do we hav such orgs registered??? Well, 4 2015 elections, let d will of God prevail. Pope John Paul 2 says Nigeria is d hope of d world n I blive dt n as such, 2015 election wil cm n go n Nigeria will remain

  18. d plan of God for dis country is dfrent to d plan of wichies nd wichiers, only God know wat will hapen 2morow he is haven a better plan 4dis nation

  19. LA ILAHA ILLAH. ANTA SUBAHANAKA INNI KUNTU MINAZZALIMIN…u can tell olny Those who are foolish like you …ONLY almighty GOD knows what will happen 2015

  20. Nigeria is for jesus not for blood sucking demons so called witches and wizard who has no say in the country of God.soon you will go down to hell!!

  21. Association of what? This must be the people GEJ sold his soul to for the chance to rule Nigeria (our great country) little wonder why there has been so much blood letting virtually everywhere in the country since he became president. The price of blood was what he had to pay. Now they want more blood and they have come to prophesy lies. Let it be known to you witches and wizard that come 2015, ONLY the counsel of Lord shall stand. You serve you master satan, just like he failed, you will also fail because the LORD is still on the throne and this country Nigeria belongs to God and not satan.

  22. Story!story! Forget about witches and wizards that have nothing to do with election. Let wait and see 2015 would not in favour of PDP unless Jonathan is removed to contence for 2015 election because he does not have the quality to rule a country. He does not what to be called president. For the so years we have be rule by this man he has done? For jonathan to be come the president of Nigeria in 2015 he would be come the governor of Niger delta.all the bad lurk we have witness is ok go and rule your state

    • My brother, na true you talko… If he where that responsible enough he would had cleared them long ago the way OBJ handled Zakibiam that now he would rather be concentrating on developmental issues than otherwise!

  23. D asociation of hopless bastards.D evil one has consulted his devils,buhari is a muslim who believe in destiny either gud or bad.It’s only a pegant dat will believe u,And u shall all b consume by fire insha ALLAH.

  24. D asociation of hopless bastards.D evil one has consulted his devils,buhari is a muslim who believe in destiny either gud or bad.It’s only a pegant dat can believe u fools,And u all shall b consume by fire insha ALLAH.

  25. Association of w & w??hmm….so dis pple hv nw proved who dy are,i knw dy are Ebele association,infact am nt surprise cos we blv in destiny wether buhari will rule 9ja or nt,bt we are optimist dat dos corrupted leaders shall b expose n dr time has come 2 an end……insha Allah


    • Abeg una wey dey rite God as god en no good na abi una be witch? Make una give God all respect na…god na idol. So rite am wel make we kw

  27. witches God is in control, we ll nt shed blood again and our enemies ll nt go unpunish, d blood of innocient children cryin in d wildness. God pls do somethin. Really some terrors did nt desever 2 be on dis earth why gud people ar send 2 grave. Holy spirit take control

  28. only wat I no is dat if jonathan diside to share more blood let him continue with all this thing wey u pipu d post na God go judge u all 2he’ll with u jonathan wey d make 9ja d die every day,
    May God have marcy 4 his poor children AMen,

  29. please read and understand b4 u comment,is like some people ar saying wrong tins.the topic is>ASSOCIATION OF WITCHES AND WIZARDS IN NIGERIA GIVES 2015 POLLS TO JONATHAN,SAYS BUHARI WILL NEVER RULE NIGERIA AGAIN.pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase uderstad d topic b4 comment and do not used muslim name as if u are muslim and verse verser remember………THE JUDGEMENT DAY. AND 4 JOUNALISM IN NIGERIA, I DNT TRUST U PEOPLE ANY LONGER, U CAN NEVER CONFLICTED ME WITH MY FELLOW OTHERS, IS ONLY A FOOL BIT DRUM 4 MAD MAN TO DANCE

  30. Northern should north act like fools, or even the APc they should be wise in selecting de next candidate that will succeed my fellow south-south ‘cos any president who’s not willing to tackle unemployment can’t be our oga, my dear pepu let talk about good governance first before north or south because what we r looking for is a leader that will care for the poor and deedy

  31. Dr. Okhue Iboi, my sincere advice to you is that you should GIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. He cares for you and died for you. He came to set you free from the captivity of witchcraft so that you will not perish in hell fire where your predecessors in witchcraft are currently languishing. It is never too late for you now.


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