ASUP vows to continue strike

The lecturers said government has only met one of their demands.
The seven–day warning strike embarked upon by polytechnic lecturers entered the second day on Tuesday, and affected academic activities in some institutions.

The National President of the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, Chibuzor Asomugba, told the News Agency of Nigeria that though the union met the Secretary to the Government of the Federation on Monday, no concrete agreement was reached.

According to Mr. Asomugba, the strike will continue until all the demands are met and all the institutions have been directed to comply.

`We have not called off the strike; government is making effort but nothing concrete yet.

“One of our demands have been met as the Federal Government constituted governing boards of some institutions on Monday (as ASUP demanded), but some are still omitted and we don’t know why.

“We are happy with that, but we will not stop until the main demands are met”.

At the Ikorodu campus of the Lagos State Polytechnic, lectures did not hold as a result of the warning strike.

Oluwasegun Iroko, spokesperson of the Students’ Union Government, said in Ikorodu that the strike was effective as academic activities ware halted.
“The strike is on and all academic activities are affected.

The ASUP chairman of the Lagos State Polytechnic, Olatunji Arolowo, said he was happy that the strike was effective at the polytechnic’s two campuses.
Mr. Arowolo said that the warning strike would continue until the demands were met.

At the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, however, academic activities went on with students writing their first semester examinations.

ASUP, in a communiqué issued after an emergency National Executive Council (NEC) meeting in Abuja, had directed its members to proceed on a seven-day warning strike on Monday– April 22– to press home some demands.

The union listed one of the unresolved issues, which necessitated the strike, as non-constitution of governing councils for Polytechnics, Monotechnics and Colleges of Technology.

Others include the non-release of government white paper of the visitation panels to the federal polytechnics and non-commencement of the NEED Assessments of the Nigerian polytechnics.

It also described the state of the state government-owned polytechnics, monotechnics, and colleges of technology across the country as worrisome; and frowned at the appointment of unqualified persons as Rectors and Provosts by some state governments.


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  1. Assalamunialaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh! Good day sir, the ASUP chairman, am loyal sir, am not here to plead the ASUP to call off d strike but to plead them to exclude our institution (FEDPOFFA) because of all what our eyes had been pass through in dis semester, such as; two week compulsory holiday cause by ERIN vs OFFA war plus two week strikes in JAN. so ASUP should pls nd pls exclude our institution (FEDPOFFA) till after dis semester exam. I’ll be happy if my request is granted, am still remain loyal sir. Abdulwasiu a.k.a. OSAMA (Insurance NDI F/T) Massalam.

  2. its another jamb,i wish all jambites gudluck.for enquiries on delta state university abraka and madonna university…this year is your year

  3. we the student are d one suffering this whole drama. Both d federial govt and ASUP should knw what to do and get this whole thing solved. When two elephant fight the grass suffer the whole effect. Please We plead

  4. If Federal Government did not reach to the demand of Asup,the strike should continuel because the discrination between HND & BSC in the labour market is much and the polytechnic student are very good.God Bless Asup.

  5. Pls asup chairman hope that this strike will not affect corps members of polytechnic,those should not forget to send our mobilisation list to NYSC headquarter at at abuja. Gbenga from iree poly, Thanks

  6. Pls Asup president, pls try and exclude our sch(fedpoffa), bcoz we have exhausted a lot of month during internal strike and offa-erinle war. Pls try to have mercy on us by spearing us to do our first semester exam. Tanks

  7. With due regard 2 Asup chairman nd every membr of d union.. We student in polytechnic comend ur efort. More power 2 your elbow. In as much d strike wil afect our future as polytechnic students. Plz move on. Owonikoko. SLT. FEDPOFFA

  8. All due regards to Almighty God who granted me d opportuinity of comin across news article. Humble regards to the ASUP executives and d Federal government of this great country. As it is well known that when two elephants are at war, the leaves on that field suffers the effect. I want to use this medium to plead with the parties involved to please consider we the student who’s been hanged on a pendulum scale. FEDPOFFA in quote. We have been dogmatic about the school for a while now not because the student don’t know there rights or don’t know how to exercise them but because we knew that the sardonic situation of the school is not centrally d fault of the academic body. But with this continuous rigmarole from this two parties that don’t agree (ASUP and F.GOVT), the life’s and well being of the student are been gambled with. Please we want this two bodies to consider us the student and reach a compromise to we can move on with our academics or atleast grant FEDPOFFA an exclusion to conduct our FIRST Semester Exams so as to safe us from dis dilemma. I rest my case Sirs. A. O. Mubarak aka tjay’TEE – Computer Science HND I

  9. I dn even know why Nigerian Government beheaving this way, by bringing down the educational system of polytechnic. If possible why don the government close all the polytechnic and allow universities 2 continue since they look polytechnic as nothing. Imagine a HND hold was working in a company 4 more than 3 year without promotion but a university graduate with pass was employed in thesame company and was promoted more than HND holder after spending 3 years in the company, with type of discrimination is that let sumbdy tell me?

  10. salam alaikun. Please sir the director of asup. Am representing all the student’s of federatiion that may GOD be you all. Please we so tired of this strike and we can only plead you to help us call off this strike to write our first semester exam and if there is anything that our rectore can do so we can write first semester exam please may GOD be with you sir.

  11. With due respect sir,i think this asup strike is for the benefit of all polytechnic graduate,because there is no single respect 4 us.looking at d other way round it wil b affecting some polytecnic therefore i plead that d’t should find a lasting solution 2 d situation on ground

  12. Thank you very much sir , chairman of ASUP .pls dnt mind anyone askin or pleadin on behalf of their school to call off the strike , look at your mouths you want to write exam like mumu and cmeout with ND and HND while comeone out there is trying to upgrade ur certificate , infact sir any school dat exempt its. Students frm this fight shud nt partake in the benefit at last . Let them also be denied the result . And sir pls more geese to ur elbow I will like them to eradicate HND entirely and upgrade us to Pls pls ooooooo am beggin and the FG shud hurry up let me knw if I shud continue processin my direct entry pursuit cos I don’t Want to partake in that HND stigma and abuse in the labour market. Thank you.

  13. The ASUP chairman sir, nd d member wil really appreciate ur effort 2word d fighting aginst discrimination btw hnd nd bsc coz wot we peopple r experince in d labour market concerning dis discrimination is as if d polytechnic graduate r nt welcum at all, am using dis medium 2 plead d entire students 2 join hand 2geda 2 support ASUP 2 d last lenght so as 2 accomplish der mission, am also plead d skuls dt dis strike may affect 1 way or d oda most especially ma noble citadel of knowledge FEDPOFFA shud pls take it as it’s jux 4 our own gud.

  14. let it come to an end bcuz what ASUP is doing is of our best interest and betterment
    let it continue until it is done, though am a student still in poly for this one it is an ideal thing

  15. please, please and please, i wil jst beg d fed. govt to hasten up dia decision. Am a graduate though bt am representing nigerian polytechnic….pls FEDPOFFA need 2 b redeemed 4rm dis strike 4 d sake of d students….FEDPOFFA 4 life

  16. if only and only if BTECH will be merge same with BSE, i’m in support of this strike.
    MR. Chairman, more grease to your elbow, enough of this discrimination in the labour market. after all, we BTECH perform more functions in the factory more than the BSE in terms of anything practicals, so why showing the difference?

  17. if only and only if BTECH will be merge with BSE, I’m 100% support of this strike.
    Mr. Chairman, more grease to your elbow sire, enough of these discrimination in the labour market. After all we BTECH perform same if not more functions more than BSE in the factory so why showing the difference?

  18. If smtin gud wld come out of dis strike in favour polytechnic students, pls let d strike continue. I rep fed poly ilaro.

  19. Mr chairman of ASUP i thank u for bringin this issure of discreamination between HnD to d tabel of fed govt and pls, pls abegoo am with low tune on this emphasice i put to u sir pls make sure that fed govt provide all necesary need of dis discreamination between HnD cus wat we poly student ar surfery in labour mkt is 2much for all poly holders in this country. Pls sir i rest my case by make sure that fed govt provide all our need if not let they strike contuni til father notice, yes is true that we Fedpolyoko is startin there Hnd1 pub adm first semenster Exam that 22of April been d date of warnin strike an still yet fed govt have not rend any surpport on this issure. Abeg sir i we like to say let it be indefintly strike so that d fed govt we no wat to do abut this issure of poly and monopoly (Aluta continu) am give u a masmun support on this issure b cus is smthing that we favour us in fucture i rest my case sir an let my regard reach to u and fed govt as well thanks.Patrick okoye .o A.K.A Partho Mun Nwa HnD1 Public Administration FedPolyoko Anambra state

  20. Pls sir,let them give us some tym to write dis first semester exam.then after that we will b partakers of dis strike bcos dis ongoing strike might affect so many student.i rep.fedponam zamfara state

  21. Plz asup call off d strike we the student ar d 1 suffering frm dis strikes…a case study is the federal polytechic offa…till nw d first semessterr as nt being conducted due to d civil war nd nw asup strrike..pllz resolve ddis thing vvery fastt….mr asup preesident

  22. Pls asup chairman we need ur assistance in our citadel of learning fedpoffa.we hv already exhaust 7month in first semester witout exam nd asup our future by exclude dose institution dat hv nt write exam after exam dey we join d strike.pls wit also discriminating polytechnic.lady comrade administration.nd 2 ft…tanks

  23. Once d strike wil yield a positive result at d end, lets continue d strike 4 d betterment of d student outside d labour market. {im civil engr student, nd1 federal polyoko anambra state.

  24. I am representing all the batch ‘B’ NYSC candidates in federal polytechnic nasarawa. Pls sir, we the candidates are tired of staying at home without any handwork. Pls let the non accademic staffs submit our mobilization list to NYSC. Pls dont allow this strike to affect us again after JAMB issues in Batch ‘A’ list. Help us sir.

  25. Am hereby repres’tg kadpoly,since its in fa4 of all polytes,am in sprt of d tempo!aluta continual.Weldom mr.xman,ASUP.

  26. Sir,please when is the strike going to be called off. I overheard some people saying it’s a 3 month strike while others are saying 21 days. When exactly are we going back to school? Ezera Ijeoma Chiori from Akwaibom State Polytechnic,Ikotosurua,Akwaibom state.

  27. mr chairman of asup,i knw u ar fightin 4 our progres.pls wit due respect sir,bt it is nt fair on our side pls cal of d wil favou we d student gr8ly.abeg ooooo.Habba, ha ha make inna try piti us nw.

  28. Good Asup.,and Great Nigeria student am student of federal poly oko ND1 library and info. science. pls i wank use this period to do enquiry about this issue of strike (pls there Asup i want to know what cause to this indefinite strike )

  29. Asup welldone.
    Aluta-continuing…, Victory asata.
    D silent of d Oppress, is d strength of d oppressor.
    All d poly and monotechnic students support d strike, we say no to discrimination bcos technically we are d best.
    Fedpolyado in action

  30. my thank goes to the chairman of ASUP and their union for raising this issue.though it wil affect our activities and also we that writing our project seminar and other important things is better we stayed for one month and but make sure the matter was solved polytechnic student have suffered. practicals and theories is been done by polytecnic. so why poly been devastated in that position as a graduate.pls sir thank you al is our right!!!!

  31. First an foremost am gr8tful 2 God.Sir,d president Asup may God gv u d grace 2 figt dis batle 2 d end.d level at wich fed govt negletd poly in dis cntry is unfair.i tink dis strike wl mak d fed govt 2 wake up 4r dia slumba.weldone sir go on

  32. My tanks goes 2 d chairman of ASUP 4 his hardwork 2 make sure dt d polytechnics has dsame right nd share in d labour market. May God lead u 2 win dis case. We ar ready 2 embark on dis strike as far as is 4 our own good. Kudos 2 u…… in ND1 fedpolynekede(pub admin)07033995187

  33. should we start our IT? Cause the more we are at home the more time,money,knowledge is wasting. Plz ,………….. Studentz are crying ooooo plz

  34. My felow poly studnt pls dont let us be hurry for anytin nw cos why ar we in hurry? Although am a studnt of ogun state poly popularly knwn as mapoly, HND2 SLT MICROBIOLOGY OPTION. Meanin dat am about 2 graduate in d next 4months nw, HNDholder great and am glad but fearing of d discrimination task ahead in d labour market. Why cant we support d Mr Asup President and 4get of any activities 4 now, pls dont be 2 hurry let join hand 2 make a change nw 4 the sake of our future. I dont mind of 3months strike so far it will favour us and make a solid change on dis so called discrimination btw HND And bsc. Tanks to Mr Asup presidnt and i pray dat God will increase ur strenght 2 achieved ur aim and 2 incubate a positive growth on dis so called HNDdISCrimination afta ur inoculated. Poly studnt tell dem and let dem knw dat we ar praticaly oriented then, fed govt why HNDdiscrimination? Greatest 2 all poly studnt, greatest 2 all mapaites and greatest 2 all slt microbiology option. We shall sing a new song in JESUS NAME (AMEN)

  35. Im very oblaged,humm! Though it has held my result in skul i think dis is d best way to solve this, a patient dog eats d fattest bone, great polites,great benpolites lets b patient God is on our side, great assup fight untill we win, make university go die,some dey for dat uni dey no fit write dia name na only to sag n paint. I will ever remain loyal to assup, polytechnic n most especially benue poly, let d student b patient evn though it stopd dia first semester xams but lets join n pray for asup. Great nigeria poly! Great assup! Great benpoly students!

  36. Salam my regards goes 2 Mr ASUP president 4 fightin 4 polytechnic student i lyk it dt way more grease 2 ur elbow. To my dear felow student it’s 4 our benefit let us endure wt dis strike i knw sumtin gud wil cum out of it Masha Allah am 4rm fedpoly ede

  37. Thank so much Asup,althose it affect our exams, bt it is tremendous step, keep on, fed poly idah HND 1 public Admin.

    • If this is actually what they are fighting for, then i give them kudos, let them sought out this problem of hnd and bs.c discrimination. Though it is affecting our studies here in Rivpoly but we wouldn’t mind since this will bring a change let them do it once and for all. Rest ma case just for now.

  38. Good day sir, mr. chairman ASUP, i want to profusly and sincerely plead that our own very dear institution (FEDPOFFA) be excluded from the ongoing ASUP strike, even if, it is for the student to write their first semester exam, because the semester started since november2012, yet no examination till may 2013 . Sir, just be merciful to we the student of FED POLY OFFA, thanks.

  39. Jesus said love thy neighbor as thy self
    Greetings all NEC and ASUP member in the name of Almighty.
    We student are much more aware that all this is for our own better tomorrow… Please Mr Chairman kindly help us exclude our own FEDPOFFA for just a month in order to complete our first semester exams because we have encounter series of disturbance here and there since November…. Pls I beg thy IJN…Tehmetorpeh

  40. My greetings goes to Asup chairman, welldone sir. We the student of fedpolyoko are tired of staying at home doing nothing it quite unfortunate that our first semester examination is still pending due to the strike although what Asup is fighting for is a great thing which will benefit all poly student but never the less we should be permitted to commence all lectures and negotiation will still continue between Asup and Fed. Govt. Please something should be done about this. I remain my humble self ARIKS2TY (HND2 OTM)

  41. Pleas we plead you all,that this strike should be call off please we are tired and free hand is a devil workshop,please and please sir/ma,help us to stop this strike because of our future.i beg u in the name of God. By Dauda Ramota HND Food tech


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