Avoid These Top Ten Relationship Killers

There is no perfect person. This therefore means there can never be a perfect couple. Every couple will experience some sort of problem in their relationship. Here is a list of the top relationship killers:

1. Cheating – Cheating is a very common relationship problem. Being unfaithful can lead to further problems and a lot of times causes many relationships to end.

2. Lack of Trust – Another common relationship problem is lack of trust. A lot of people find it hard to trust the person they are with. With this lack of trust, it can make the relationship complicated and cause further issues.

3. Little to No Communication – It takes communication to make a relationship work. When there is little or no communication in the relationship, the relationship itself can’t thrive and become something greater. Other problems may also occur because of little communication.


4. Jealousy – A lot of people may not think jealousy is a big problem but it can grow into a big issue enough to where it can destroy a relationship. If one or both partners find themselves in a jealous rage all the time, the relationship can’t grow into a healthy one and more problems can occur.

5. Constant Arguments – Arguments are inevitable in a relationship. It isn’t always a bad thing because making up after the argument can help to build a stronger bond and strengthen the relationship itself.
However, some couples constantly argue. They may argue over any little thing at any given time. This is when there really is a big problem and sadly, there are many couples out there that constantly argue with each other.

6. Abuse – Unfortunately, physical, verbal, and mental abuse can be present in a relationship. When it is, it is a big problem, especially physical abuse. In any case, any abuse should be dealt with immediately.

7. Being Controlling – A partner can become controlling and want to control the other partner and the relationship. This is a big problem. A relationship can’t grow when one wants to control everything and the other spouse has no say in anything.

8. Negativity – A lot of negativity in a relationship is an issue. A partner may always look at the negative side of everything or constantly criticize and nag.

9. Outsider Involvement – Third party interference almost always causes problems for a relationship.
A lot of times,a partner may talk about what is going on in the relationship to friends, family, and other people. It is not always a bad thing but it can get out hand especially when the stuff that is said is negative, spiteful, or just dishonest.

10. Lack of Affection and/or Intimacy – Showing affection and being intimate in a relationship is something that should be done. Where there is little to no intimacy, it can be a problem.
Showing affection also helps to express feelings and strengthen the relationship bond.


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