Baga: A Tale Of Two Towns In Pictures

It used be peaceful in Baga, Borno State, a town famous for its livestock trade that attracted traders from Cameroun, Niger and Chad Republics, but the Northern town will never be the same again after a clash between the Nigerian forces and dreaded Islamist sect in the country Boko Haram left 185 people dead. In fact, the survivors are yet to recover from their trauma, many are still in hiding as if that was the only safe place remaining in the world.

With the carnage in the land, one couldn’t help but notice another town called Baga, located in Bardez, Goa, India.

Baga is known for its popular beach, Baga Beach with it’s brown sands, and creek, the Baga Creek. It is visited by thousands of tourists annually.

The beauty of the Indian Baga and the ruins left in Baga, Nigeria tells the tale of the destruction crisis can bring on a peaceful city. If Baga, India were in crisis, the beautiful beach you’d see below will be deserted without a trace of life more than the chirping birds.

Whatever price we have to pay for peace, we had better pay it fast. These killings must stop.

Baga, Nigeria
Baga Nigeria_2542989b





Baga, India




baga india


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