Baga Killings: Shettima Vows To Leave Govt. House And Live Among Baga People If…

Nigeria Radical SectBorno State Governor, Kashim Shettima has vowed to relocate to Baga if peace was not restored in the area following a clash between the Military Joint Task Force (JTF) and suspected members of Boko Haram sect which reportedly left about 185 persons dead and over 2000 houses destroyed.

Shettima who stated this during his visit to the affected area weekend, urged residents who escaped from their homes in the aftermath of heavy gun fighting, to return as efforts were being put in place to avoid a recurrence.

He said: “If the harassment continues, I will personally relocate from Maiduguri to here and let me be harassed along with the rest of the people.”

Meanwhile, the Commander of the JTF, Brigadier General Austin Edokpaye, who confirmed the incident said “We lost an officer during the attack on our men on patrol.


“We’ve received an intelligence that some suspected Boko Haram members usually pray and hide arms at a particular mosque in town. It was around that mosque that our men were attacked with several of them injured and an officer died.

“When we reinforced and return to the scene the terrorists came out with heavy firepower including RPGs which usually has a conflagration effect.” Edokpaye said.


  1. What’s dat Mr Governor.Are you covertly supporting the BH.They attacked the JTF and wounded and killed.That was what they call.Reprisal.Go and stay with them without your details and I wish you luck…

  2. @kelvin u should be ashamed of yourself for that comment. If your father and mother is caught in that fight you will know what the good people of the village is passing through at this moment.more than 70% of the dead are innocent civilians

    • Wht do u understand by 70% re innocent, givin d mosque of dia dead god 2 terrorist 2 hid arms and attack army means innocent in ur language, do u understand English vry wel at al, even wen an officer ws killed nd u stand Der nd talk abt innocency, u prefer 2b consold nd condoled dan doin d right tin, hw cn a right thinkin man harbor a snake in his bedroom 4 yrs and d day it turns 2 bit him he trow d blame on ppl hu knew nt wen he ws romancin his snake, baga is mor Dan 186 ppl bt d army did nt meet my xpectation, tink of hw sweet it wud av been if it ws said 5000 ppl wer killed.

    • Kelvin n augustine,u guys ar bastard 2 a prostitute woman.wat ar u guys kip criticising n oll kind of tribalistic sentiment on d northern pple.I pray dat ur father,mother or any one of ur family 2 b caught in arm robber trap or ethnic crisis.nonsense

      • abdul, the boko haram issue is a tribal issue ok, why are u northerners always like blood lettings in nigeria, why do u always think u must have ur way, even in today’s nigeria that every tribe is ready to face u squarely and give it to u as u want, abdul , nigerians eyes are open ,so u better be careful or u will continue to distroy ur own states

  3. My pple,would u stop this critism and pray 4 d lord forgiveness in this country.May the lord shower his blessing and his protection over us.

  4. There ar a lots to say abt wht is happenin, but i think the mod i am in now has mak me to run short of words! I pray dat D Almighty God wll tak d wheels of dis country n d whole world.

  5. Abdul & Pelumi, u guys shd shut up! Aren’t d JTF humans, aren’t they pples children,brothers & parents. These men left their families in far away cities to bring peace only for BH to keep killing them while the community keeps shielding dem in d name of islam & u expect dem to jst fold their hands while they watch the enemies kill dem right? Nonsense, u muslims are all Boko haram sympatizers that’s why u always cry foul against JTF 4geting dat among d JTF are also muslems.

    • So, is d Army action justified d killing of almost 200 pple (mostly innocent civilian) in reprisal attack to kiling of an officer who died in d course of his duty? Plz dnt les be sentimental. Les put oursef in shoes of those who were caught in d crossfire.

  6. They could have destrol them all, u re a fooL shetima. Bh kill n u will not say anything. That officer has his family too ooo. Noncense, may God purnsh u gov.

      • yusuf ,u will keep on coursing ,that is the only thing u are good at , behold the north is being distroyed, are u are there coursing , coursing will not safe u, religion has deceived u, u think u will continue to kill those who are better than u, ur cities are on fire , who will build them again?

  7. So far so gud we ar liv..g in dis crazy world bt we dnt knw wat tomorow wil bring…..d issue here is not d boko haram or d (JTF).but is our leaders.all dis killing is been spnsor by our leaders especial d northern rulers.d hate d leadership of a christain in dis country….but….but….vry soon time wil tel.God wil problm is dat,always d poor man is d victm.

  8. Yusuf, u need 2 take a chill pill okay, I can understand ur rage b’cos ur Boko Haram brothers have been defeated, u’re jst frustrated, well! U aint seen nothing yet d JTF gonna roast ur ass. Fool.

  9. There should be cease fire, social media is not a place for religious sentiment. Whether u guys like it or not we are all Nigerians. I just recently discovered that The Governor of Lagos State Fashiola who is a Muslim is married to a Christian and they have happy family. Nigerian Muslim and Christian should Emulate Fashiola, if we do, Muslim will not kill Christian and Christian will not kill Muslim. Period

  10. Hear this Arse hole that kept Kabiru sokoto in his lodge in Abuja for over 6months talking rubbish. Its ur head we wanted if you dont know and for the Kanuris…You are defeated just like the palestinians. Stinks.

  11. What my southern brothers failed 2 understand is that, we are not supporting boko haram in any way, but rather we hate them nd eager 2 see their end.however, d way jtf react 2 any attack by bh is ended on innocent if boko haram is desaster then jtf is a calamity. we hate them all.

  12. Kelvin u re 2 much, Yusuf i bet u must be a boko member. Au many people died in christmas bombing, since they started bombing borno wetin the gov don talk, now JTF retaliated he said he’s relocating to the village. Who knows if he is d sponsor no wonder d only thing their northern elders want is removal of JTF and give amnesty.useless, foolish, blood hungered, clueless, fanatical northerners

  13. Shettima is a member of Bokoharam, his boss Alimodu sheriff is the sponsor of BH. Now I believe he also have some of dem in his cabinet, let him go and leave with dem. @ yusuf dis idiot is one of dem. I pray JTF shld visit him and investigate him. Do justice if necessary.

  14. Kashim shud go nd stay even behind baga, he cn go 2 hell nd stay, dei gave nd turned d house of dia dead god in2 an armoury bt dei al deem it right in dia understandin, dei celebrat weneva a soldier is killed bt cry weneva dia boko brodas re killed, i am suprise bcos sm folks cal dos deadly kanuri men & women innocent, baga is mor Dan 185 or 86 as reported by diff news agencies bt tink of hw sweet it wud av been if it ws said that 10,000 kanuris wer killed includin kashim & sultan, after all dei started it al, u cnt cal rain nd xpect 2 go hom in a dry shirt, d soldiers did nt met xpectations nd requirements, dei shud go bk 2 baga nd continue nd i tink kashim av relocated too, dei shud nt spare him, weda governor or nt a governor kanuri na kanuri.

  15. Now that its clear that shetima and his like dnt want blood to stop flowing,i guess jonathan must do d needful. And that is to call the boko haram to a secret meeting and handing over burno to them. For boko haram to be adequatly solved,a state must b given to them so that they would come out and administer their sharia peacefuly. Having a boko state is not diff from wat aregbeshola is doing in osun state. If jonathan does this,he would save borno from destruction by the governors who all deserve to get their hands chop off. Boko haram should b helped to form a party and allowed to show their sargacity. Ahambidulahi

  16. The northern leaders shud go nd find solution to the BH issue nd stop disturbing d entire nation wit their headache, hw would a community allowed murderers to use d place of worship as armoury for boko, u ‘ve also forgotten dat when u kill a civilian is different ball game but when u kill an army staff it means it means war. u rememba what happened in udi during obasanjo regime to before warned is to before harmed. As for shettima kashim u can go to hell if u like.

  17. Some people dnt hv humans feeling people like silk and rose, how I wish u were there to witness the killing of innocent civilian, human being die for nothing… Shettima is a nice man and I like him for saying those words…God bless nigeria

  18. All of you pointing a finger against Muslims or Northerners,you haven’t found your selves in that situation you would have not utter that statement. Listing” you Southerners if you think this Nigeria should be split on then so be it… i wonder” think of your family to be in that situation what will you fill? those people has children,brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers all together. Just came a one day when some of them will be killed in front of you, think of your self to be in their shoes. I believe you wont stand on that, be realistic to your self, or i you telling me those people needed BH to be in their territories. So people watch what you are going to said or right in a social- media cos some one may utter a word for you which you would wish not have been born in this world.

  19. Wat an irresponsible word frm irresponsible gov. I ave alway said it, d killin n trouble in borno is only a means 4 d gov 2 kip stealin d pple’s money mean’t 4 development n wood nevaq seek 4 a way 2 put an end 2 d BH insurgience
    instead of givin all d necessary support 2 security agencies 2 get rid of dis evil n wicked souls so dat development can cum,he is talkin nonsense shm 2 d gov.

  20. What is the true position on ground?terrorists invaded a community the natives were helpless,did the observe n complaint about such occupation by Boko Haram foot soldiers? If the did to Who? For how long long did occupy that community before the Attack on the Military?Is it true that the were camped in a Mosque? Who is the Chief inam in that Mosque?Has he explain how the terrorist had access to the Mosque? Whose script is the Governor Acting? That of JTF, or Basa people who host terrorists until the attacked the military,or that of Boko Haram Kingpins who are Busy recruiting new foot soldiers,or he is speaking for the Mosque Inam were the terrorists were camping preparatory for that Attack. If the Community had effectively informed JTF about the Foot soldiers,then JTF is unfair in it’s rules of engagement on that particular mission. Now did JTF killed or Arrest the Terrorists? Or the Vented their Anger on innocent Citizens who were defenceless.

  21. I feel d end of BH is close and they are losing personnel, however there is no need to insult d southerners bcus we also had our share of d violence..rememba d Militancy. And we lost friends and pals my house still has marks of bullet holes. Any military personnel is charged wit d responsibility of maintaining peace, d people of baga are d cause of their own misfortune they wouldn’t say they didn’t realise dat they were harboring Terrorist which goes to support d claim that u muslims are very in support of d violence. if d Mosque is so Holy why would ur Imam allow Unholy Guns and RPG to be kept in a Holy place.? I feel its high time u guys stop uttering derogatory words and we all find a way to improve our individual Homes cus our leaders are obviously Clueless..However my sincere Condolence to those who were caught in d man should experience what they did..!

  22. Yusuf u are a big ignorant and blundering fool U barbaric ape, instead of facing the matter at hand, u are here laying abuses on innocent people. U seem to be so ignorant, but I will still refer u to d story of Frankenstein and his Monster. The Nothern Leaders and their demonic Religious leaders invented BH and as such must live and be destroyed by it. Relocating to Baga, my foot! Let him go to hell.

  23. as fr as am concern d ppl of d comunity hv dr own fault of may be hidin d bokos bt shut dt b a reason 4 ol of d comunity 2 die? to b jst, of coz dey dint bt as wel train personel d jtf shud fyn a betr nd more matured way to handle d stuation, God bles Nigeria.

  24. The almighty God said ”no peace for the wicked” the dead can not judge cos they re dead. My condolences to them. But my prayer is….anyone who does not want peace to reign in this country Nigeria will die a shameful death with speed in Jesus name amen. The word of God said ‘no weapon fashion against us Nigeria (Christian by blood of d covenant) shall prosper and any tongue that rises against us we shall condemned in judgement’ there fore i decree instant death and multiple tribulation on anyone who want no peace in Nigeria in Jesus name amen.

  25. The almighty God said ”no peace for the wicked” the dead can not judge cos they re dead. My condolences to them. But my prayer is….anyone who does not want peace to reign in this country Nigeria will die a shameful death with speed in Jesus name amen. The word of God said ‘no weapon fashion against us Nigeria (Christian by blood of d covenant) shall prosper and any tongue that rises against us we shall condemned in judgement’ there fore i decree instant death and multiple tribulation on anyone who want no peace in Nigeria in Jesus name amen…..

  26. People don’t want to learn from examples around the world, terrorism has always brought pains to her very own people, terrorrism has no victory at the end of the road, go ask the people of swat in pakistan how their town was brought to rubbles for making the mistake of habouring extremist and radicals, or those in the tribal areas of pakistan today how they now live under heavily loaded drones and how they take up many innocent casualties every day, they had a choice, they would have chosen better, and countless other examples. Terrorism will take the lives of the innocent father and mother and brothers and sisters and relatives of the so called terrorist and he probably would come out of it alive or just scotched~I blame the people of baga, I blame the elders and leaders there, the blood of the innocent children and women is on their heads and may it hunt them, as for mr shettima may God judge you as you think you can play politics on innocent blood you have helped to spill may their blood hunt you tirelessly, you pretend now to share the feelings of baga people when in truth you don’t know how they feel and you never even cared for once but you’ve always made money for your self out from them and even putting them at great risk in doing so, may Allah judge you, may the blood of those women whom you have denied education and well being hunt you, all of you. As for the MJTF men, they have taken orders from our currupt leaders and have taken lives, even innocent clueless helpless lives caught along with the evil rotten ones, their job is a frustrating one it takes only the spirit of God for a man to act 100% right with the kind of provocation these men undergo almost everyday, never the less they have their own faults and judgment. May God Almighty help us all.


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