Bagega: Lead Poisoning In Zamfara Creates 360 Jobs – Minister of Environment

zamfara-state-governorThe rehabilitation of homes and spaces contaminated by lead in Zamfara state has created more than 360 jobs as yet, the environment ministry has said.

The jobs range from crew managers to unskilled youths of Bagega, where current rehabilitation is ongoing, to “capacity building” for environment ministry staff, said environment minister Hadiza Mailafia.

In addition to crew managers, 19 HND graduates got jobs on the remediation sites, along with 32 OND graduates and crew supervisors.

Up to 213 “unskilled youths from Bagega village” were also employed, she noted.

87 staff of Zamfara state ministry of environment and its agency ZESA (Zamfara Environment Sanitation Agency) also got “capacity building opportunities”, she added.

The capacity building extended to at least 12 staff of the Federal Ministry of Environment.