Biafran Group Says No To Amnesty For Boko Haram, Yes To A Sharia Country


A pro-Igbo socio cultural group, the Biafra Liberation Council, BLC, on Friday in Abuja urged federal government to reconsider its proposed offer of amnesty to members of the dreaded Islamic fundamentalist group, Boko Haram.

The Biafran group warned the government that any amnesty to the terror group would be counterproductive as it would encourage other groups to carry their own arms and begin to unleash mayhem on innocent people. The group threatened that if government goes ahead to grant amnesty to the sect members, it would no longer continue to restrain militant Igbo groups from embarking on reprisal attacks against northern elements within the territory of Biafra or anywhere else for that matter.

The group however suggested that government should give them a sharia country, but not amnesty.

The group’s spokesman, Mr. Amaechi Nwaofia, in a statement urged the government of Nigeria to drop any plan aimed at granting any form of amnesty to the terrorists as such plan amounts to treating certified criminals like sacred cows and rewarding them positively for terrorism.

“This is absurd. Any amnesty to the terror group will be counterproductive as it will encourage other groups to carry their own arms and begin to unleash mayhem on innocent people. Above all, it only shows that the lives of Ndigbo as well as the Nigerian security operatives wasted by these terrorists mean nothing to the ruling clique.”

The group therefore said it will hold Goodluck Jonathan and his cohorts accountable for the genocide being committed against Ndigbo in the name of Islamic jihad in the north at the right time.

The group noted that Boko Haram had made what they want clear enough; that they should be allowed to have a sharia country, without which there would never be peace.

“Rather than amnesty, a country should be carved out for them where anybody who finds himself or herself there will know that they are under the rules of sharia. There are Islamic countries such as sudan, Palestine, Libya, etc. And there are provisions for self-determination in human rights instruments,” the group added.

It pointed out that no amount of amnesty would stop the jihadists from going on rampage and killing Ndigbo and security operatives as collateral damage in the name of sharia.

“It is therefore unimaginable that a group which has killed hundreds of people in the north simply because they failed to embrace Islam is being considered for amnesty,” the group said.


  1. Love of neighbour or love of party? Politics and morality at crossroads. What is wrong with us in Nigeria?ACN and Nwike’s death. may his soul rest in peace.


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