Boko Haram Ambushes Returning WAEC Students And Principal And Slits Their Throats In Broad Daylight

Monguno Local Government Area of Borno State is about putting behind it the recent killing of six secondary school teachers, including a principal, the local government was again plunged into mourning as many students were, on Saturday, murdered in cold blood by some gunmen suspected to be members of the Jama’atul Ahlis Sunnah Lid’ Awati, also known as Boko Haram.


Sunday Tribune learnt that the gunmen killed many students of Monguno Secondary School by slitting their throats, after laying an ambush for them as they returned home from centres where they wrote the West African Examination Council (WAEC) Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE).

Monguno is 135 kilometres North of Maiduguri, the state capital; and it is considered to be an epicentre of activities of the Islamist sect.


The gunmen, according to a villager, Mallam Aisami, ambushed the candidates on their way home on foot and bicycles. He added that the assailants tied the students’ hands together at their backs and slit their throats on the foot paths leading to the school premises in the afternoon.

He said when the dastardly deed had been done, the gunmen fled on three motorcycles towards Marte Local Government Area of Northern Borno before men of the Joint Task Force (JTF) rushed to the scene three hours after the students were already slewn.

Spokesman of JTF, Lieutenant Colonel Sagir Musa, and the Borno State Commissioner for Education, Alhaji Musa Inuwa Kubo, confirmed the incident on Saturday.

They stated that it was a very “unfortunate and frightening incident,” decrying all that had been happening in the state.

Sagir and Kubo could, however, not ascertain the exact number of students allegedly killed by the suspects at Monguno.

Kubo, in a telephone interview, told journalists that; “I am calling on the people of Borno State to continue to pray and fast so that the incessant attacks and killings in the state cease peace and unity are restored.


    • One Good thing abt dis life is we are all going to die one day and giv the account of our deed.
      Qur’an said the gravity of sin attached to killing of an innocent life is same with killing of entire human out of earth. This is nt islamic, B/H are peggant. We all knw dat 90% of mungonu ppl are muslem.

    • This only proves how cowardly and foolish Jonathan has become.
      I know its not easy, but believe me, he is not doing anthing in the common’s interest as far as security and poverty eradication is concerned, (let alone the improvement of our educational status).
      How can innocent people be subjected to such danger and the culprits cannot be fished out. Hunh?
      These bastards aint ghosts, they are people who live among other people, yet an idiot like Sanusi would propose that drug test be done for political office seekers instead of checking out how such funds can be re-directed into the motivation of our security agencies to reform their attitude to work.
      Its saddening!
      If at least 500,000 young people in each of the 36states of this federation don’t step up against the misuse of funds and weak sense of leadership we r facing which is causing us insecurity and high poverty rate, we can as well kiss a good future for our children as common men/women GOODBYE as far as “this present type of Nigeria” is concerned.
      If we don’t fight this war NOW, burn down the giants in the path of change and wreck untold havoc upon those who seat upon a more developed future for us young people, then our children and unmanifested legacies shall perish.
      My late father thought me in my secondary school government class and once mentioned this:
      “After Great War Comes Great(er) Peace…!”
      How did a man like J. Rawlings change the face of Ghana?
      Let’s exploit such information and fight unproductive and weak leaders and these uneducated “Boko-whatever” fools and criminals who can’t show their faces.
      We the common and upright citizens are more powerful than they are, cos if they were powerful, they would all uncover their faces and walk tall in public as though their names were Ghadaffi.

  1. What on earth innocent second sch student did. Their blood is now in your hand. Pls Boko haram do your thing, but stop killing people whether muslim or christein. Accept d amnesty and let help Nigeria. Allah bring peace to our land.

  2. I believe the people in the states of Bornu and Yobe like the activities of the Islamic sect, else they can revolt against them, they are humans not ghost and the people know them.

  3. Whatever is the case, the truth is that the action he took wasn’t the best. No one says you shouldn’t marry another if you choose to, but to do it at the expense of your wife’s pride is horrible. Read your inner mind and see if it congratulates you!

  4. But why these is happening in my country.boko haram or whatever why they are killing innocent soul?i suggest they should go ahead by killing all those top politician not innocent soul.

  5. they will soon reap the friut of their evill deed.No one commit evil and go away with it.God is never be back-down on them.This is a battle for God,and no one fight go and succeed.

  6. This is the height of man inhumanity,for christ sake what has students got to do with government,M.E:N.D in all its years of struggle never involved innocent people(not that am in support).. The government should use an iron hand on this issue and take it more like a war and nt just a group of terrorist. Goodluck jonathan should take tell us nigerians if he is incapable of curtailing this peoples activities or not, so we can knw d way forward…..instead of him tackling this issue head on he is busy granting pardon to crooks…let him knw this that d patience of nigerian will not hold on forever

  7. Boka/H pls you pple should stop killing d innoncent children. Why not these Bad leaders? Kill them all and Almighty will reward you, you knw all the evil men in this county. Follow them and kill them all.

  8. This people are barbaric and blood sucker. They deserve total wipe out, nothing like Amnesty. Is just that they were lucky to come during this accidental president but even ObJ can tolerate this talkless of Military. God will expose this wicked people and their end will be in sorrow and lack of peace!

  9. Govt shul nt giv armnesty 2 ds boko haram. Y ar dey killn inoscent nd armless pipo nd dey said dat dey dont kill d civilians yet dey slit innocent pipo troath on daily bases. Tell wat dey ar fightn 4? Blood suckers demon incarnate

  10. hello peeps…. With all diz things happening in our country,… I just pray for God’s mercy on the Boko haram sect… One thing they must realise is dat blood speaks…. With all these things happening; dia’s a clear indication dat d end of Boko Haram is near…. Verrry near… I will describe d situation in dis country presently as dat of a gas cylinder under pressure, and ready to explode… Nigerians are nt happy; and boko haram is worsening d issue… Just one day, enof will be enof and diz people and dia sponsors will realise dat nobody is bigger dan Nigeria.. All we’re seeing is just d beginning of d end of boko haram and its sponsors…

  11. Govt shul nt giv armnesty 2 ds boko haram. Y ar dey killn inoscent nd armless pipo nd dey said dat dey dont kill d civilians yet dey slit innocent pipo troath on daily bases. Tell wat dey ar fightn 4? Blood suckers demon incarnate; “behold D INNOCENT BLOOD wil fined u out, u ibrahim shekau. Becuz d blood spilled on d ground d fud u ate 4rm d land shall b a turment nd judgement 2u IJN AMEN

  12. This is unjust, barbaric, primitive, uncalled for, inshort it is repugnent to natural justice equity and good conscience. Their is no reason why somebody created by God shld kill it fellow being. Killing a student and teacher means turning d nation into darknes. Dis student dat dey killed could be young revolutionist to move dis country forward.

  13. Heavenly Father come and save the weak from the strong. After all, the earth is of Thee and the fullness thereof. This Country Nigeria is yours. But there are some group of people who thing that they have every power to take the life you have made any how and any time they want. Father!!! Come and declare your Sovereignty in this country. Oh Lord………….

  14. they are cawords let the fools that dot know where Aso Rock is, continue killing, they shouldn’t forget who kill by sword will die by sword…

  15. It Is High Time We All Rise Up And Take Up Arms And Fight This Terror Called Boko Haram…This Is Our Battle,Not God’s…

  16. Oh Lord!!!! why can’t you do those foolish assasssin members that called themselves ”boko haram” that does not want this our peaciful country to move forward?
    Oh!!! ma Goodness do them something plz:::

  17. Does anyone still think that GEJ has any idea of what he’s doing in Aso Rock? It’s truly mindless offering amnesty to animals who have decided that they want to suck blood for a living. This is so cannibalistic. May God visit his judgement upon BH and their families & may it extend to the leaders that sit back and do nothing while watching these happen.

  18. These heartless people are just like Saul, But one day, they’ll encounter JESUS, the Master, and GOD will use them to evangelise this world.
    GOD is watching. Nothing is hidden before JEHOVAH.

  19. The pick of madness one can achieve! Why are u killin innocent soul? Do they offended u? So, u re just interested in killin people without reason!

  20. One thing that no Nigerian is talking about is, how it is that the Chadians, Lybians and others came into the country. Were they brought to fight for muslims or Islam?

  21. Fuck dis amnesty. Instead declare total war and wipeout on boko haram. They deserve nothing but death. Killing innocent children. 4 what now? What wrong did they commit 2 be slaughtered like goats and chicken. God purnish those stupid,useless,wicked,heartless,foolish idiots calling themselves boko haram.

  22. What is all these? What has d children done? Pls i urge our prophets like t.b joshua, fr.mbaka, and other ministers of God 2 help our goverment 2 resolve dis issue


  24. Disintegration Of Nigeria Is The Only Truth That Will Solve The Menace OH! God Disintegrate Nigeria, For The Betterment Of Your People, AMEN………AMEN……..AMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN…..

  25. It is now clear to me that GEJ don’t know what his doing any longer, and I pray that may almighty God let Boko Haram kill one of his children and by then we can now see whether he would give them amnesty or go into war with them. We average nigerians are nothing b4 this useless Gov of ours, America govt will not take it lightly with any sect that kill a single soul of is pple but here in nigeria we are nothing them. May almighty God come to the rescue of us average nigerians

  26. In a community whr 90% r Muslims, most of d kids r Muslims so let CAN president 4get about islamisation he’s shouting about. The bottom line is dat something crucial is happening and only God and d ple in power knows why ds HEARTLESS killing is going on and d leaders we have r just sleeping over it. I think it has 2 do w d NEW WORLD ODER (illuminati/freemasonry label)

  27. This is nothing than foriegn invasion of the so called nigeria Let see to it that our foriegn neighbours want to take over nigeria one day a foriener will be the president

  28. I think it’ll not be wise 4 d govt 2 give amnesty 2 ds useless bastards. All we want is justice. Bcos, i see no reason Y a sane human will kill innocent people, when U knw those top politicians spoiling our country. I think they r coward. If they r not, they shud go 2 wher they r and do same 2 them. If govt shud give ds useless goats called themselves Boko haram. amnesty. I think both the govt n d so called bokoharam will know no peace with their family members up to their 100 generations. IJN. Amen

  29. I think it is right time for God to descent his wrath on dis boko nonsense.they shall have no peace from their head to toe.IJN

  30. This is all politics. Just arrest ATIKU, BUHARI, TINUBU, IBB, AMAECHI, and all power drunk politicians and all these killings will stop. Imagine killing innocent boys and girls returning from WAEC exams on foot, bicycles on village foot paths. What does BUHARI, ATIKU, TINUBU really want? The Presidency should get all citizens and residents in Nigeria registered at their ward levels and all carrying illegal arms and ammunitions sentenced to 10yrs imprisonment-any killing should attract death sentence. Enough is enough. ALL GOVs should concentrate on recovering illegal guns in their states and ban all okada/out of STATE movement 10pm to 6am unless in MEDICAL emergencies.

  31. I think it is right time for God to descend his wrath on dis boko nonsense.they shall have no peace from their head to toe.IJN

  32. Hmmm! Boko haram Here 2day, there 2mrrw! Can dis evr stop? Bt 1tin is vry sure, God is seein & He has His judgemnt abt all dis already. So, as 4me i tink whn som1 is doin wrng tin continusly it is bcoz he hasnt see som1 who is hotter dan him or confront him 4real. FG is tryin bt isnt best enough at all! We shuld knw dat d only way 2stop our enemy is 2face dem! Nt by beggin em! Do u knw who nxt? So b wise & dnt let anybdy tak ur lif lik a holidy chiken! Mny who hv bn wasted by bok’harms prayd 4saftey yet victim. Its end’tim anywy, knw dis in ur mind! Bt Keep Prayin n let ur bdy b a slf defence weapons! (I dnt knw hw myb u shuld do research on it)

  33. We ar all cowards,afraid 2die yet,death knocks our’s tym 2 fyt ds bastards cald bokoharam or mend.even d govts.cos only God knows d pact badluck Jonathan had wit ds animals.

  34. boko haram cant kill the top politicians bcos they were sent by them.its just so sad how our president and government is playing politics with human lives and taxpayers money,bcos they all know the sponsors of this insurgence but they are talking about paying them for slaughtering citizens of Nigeria for no just cause. God will surely judge.

  35. If the FG can do a thorough investigation about their sponsor and arrest them, there won’t be any of boko haram again. Or good luck is fearing 2nd term, that he may not be emanated 4 2nd term, if they are handlng with iron hand. No at dis juncture, dis is a capital project that every nigerian is expecting.
    Another solution. If good luck should allow OBJ to come and rule 4 just 4 or 6 months. Boko will be eradicated.

  36. My prayer is, God please the military take over the power so all the bloody civilian would go back and do their farm work, i can’t see a situation that we have people in power to help it’s citizens but all of the sudden nothing is being done, everybody are thinking of their own personal selfish interest, since we did’t allowed British to build the nation for us before the independent, i want military to step into power and help Nigerianz out of this menace.

  37. there is no ignition without a source…i believe those cowards were sent by certain nigerians.but datz sheer wickedness 2 tak d life of innocent ppl.God stil watches! FG n her own part should sit up cos d bst peace comz after d bst war


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