Boko Haram Amnesty Rejection Has Ridiculed Jonathan — Lawmaker

jonathan-bokoHonourable Bitrus Kaze, a member of House of Representatives, representing Jos East/Jos South federal constituency, has described the rejection of amnesty by the Boko Haram sect as a ridicule of President Goodluck Jonathan to clip its wings.

In a press statement by the lawmaker issued on Saturday, he said granting amnesty to remorseless and unrepentant terrorists was the weirdest policy ever contemplated by any government in the history of Nigeria.

Kaze, who said the pro-amnesty pronouncements and efforts by the government had been completely rubbished by the intended beneficiaries, added that they had persisted in their act of destructions of lives and properties of innocent Nigerians almost on a daily basis.

“The rejection of amnesty by the Boko Haram terrorists has completely exposed the fact that the real motive of the advocates of amnesty for the group is anything except the security and well-being of Nigerians.

“I am not sure any government has suffered so much ridicule since Nigeria’s Independence, our national pride and sovereignty is being eroded by inconsistent statements and policies which are antithetical to our security and collective well-being,” he said.

Kaze also noted that the amnesty programme being mulled by the Goodluck Jonathan-led administration, exposed Nigerian intelligence community and their families to inexplicable dangers, adding that “nothing can be more de-motivating than for a crack detective to see a terror suspect, against whom he has painstakingly gathered overwhelming evidence, now being rewarded by a government on whose behalf he risked his life.”