Boko Haram Is All About Jonathan’s Regime – Buhari Fires Back At FG

jonathan-buhari1National leader of the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, Maj-General Muhammadu Buhari (retd), yesterday, in his most vocal criticism yet of the way President Goodluck Jonathan is handling the Boko Haram crisis, described the sect as a creation of the present administration.

President Jonathan, through his Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs, Dr Doyin Okupe had on Tuesday lampooned the former Head of State for failing use his clout as an eminent Nigerian to persuade members of the sect to accept dialogue as a means of ending the wave of violence currently sweeping the North.

General Buhari, who apparently was irked by the Presidency’s attempt to link him with the sect, asked Jonathan to leave him alone and find ways of resolving the Boko Haram crisis, which he said, was borne out of the failure of his government.

Speaking through the National Publicity Secretary of the CPC, Mr. Rotimi Fashakin, Buhari noted that it was wrong for the Presidency to accuse him of not calling Boko Haram to order when he did not have any relationship with the members.

Fashakin said: “It is unfortunate that a presidential aide referred to the legitimate desire of a statesman as inordinate. Away from the uncouth posturing of Dr Okupe, it is apparent that this fellow is conflating two unrelated issues and scenarios.

“If the people that initiated and executed the Niger Delta problem decided to resolve it, what can anyone do about it? The Niger Delta problem is totally different from the Boko Haram palaver.

“General Muhammadu Buhari has consistently asserted that the political Boko Haram, the most virulent variant of the menace, is a creation of Jonathan’s regime. So why should a Buhari that did not understand the genesis of the funding and operation of this lethal unit of the PDP-led federal government, now join in appeasing them?

“That explains why the Jonathan regime cannot talk about amnesty for Boko Haram because it is akin to appeasing self. As a party, we strongly advise the Federal Government to come clean to the Nigerian people. The political Boko Haram is all about the Jonathan regime and no amount of carefully-woven spin can hoodwink discerning Nigerians,” the CPC spokesman declared.


  1. Buhari why are you placing your self at a distance from the Boko Haram menace and how come you know its about Jonathan’s regime? I thought in your last statement you made a comparison between Niger Delta militants and Boko Haram, so why the differentiation again? If you remember you said to the hearing of the whole world that Nigeria will be ungovernable if you don’t win and those of us in Nigeria especially those in the north are alive to tell the story from the very moment the election result was announced….. U know, where i blame the Presidency is…. You are walking freely and running your mouth like someone who has oral dysentry… Instead of looking and recommending a solution to the problem the North is facing, you are acting like a political matyr…. Tell us Saint. Buhari, what is the solution to this menace?

  2. Your question would best be answered by the weakling president you voted for. I still wonder why people like you would not wake up from your slumber and seek ways to amend your past errors. And the best advise you could offer your president is to jail an innocent man who craves to do things the proper way. I feel sorry for you, UK

  3. Lease Buhari out of this. If government could not arrest Buhari over what he was quoted to have said by ensuring that GEJ’s regime is ungovernable,then government is acting cowardly by not arresting him.
    Buhari is greater than government.
    I have not seen a government that is wayward like this.
    Afraid of oil barons
    Afraid of Boko Haram
    Afraid Boko Haram sponsors and their sympathizers
    Afraid of corrupt government officials and even
    Afraid of itself

  4. the pesident is highly incompitant.oherwise tell me how buhari.after saying that he is going to make the country ungovernable.for him,an fuleing the riot that killing many innocent nigerians includind teen n.y.s.c menbers can be walking freely.makeing perovocative satements an still move about freely that is incompitant in the part of the present goverment.

  5. this is what buhari wept for nigeria,buhari is a clean man,is a corrupt free person,if u think any president will or can arrest buhari u are very very wrong,a general is always a general,jonathan can not and i repeat its the last thing he will ever think,arrest u people are joking.let him face hiis own problem by providing security to the land.

  6. I think this man called Buari need to be Interrogated very well by the Gej government… If truly he knows nather abt d Bobo Haram sect, he wouldn’t be saying all dis trash at all. For me,,, Buari knows abt d Bobo Haram menace, and just trying to pretend to Nigerians as if he knws nothing abt it…. Jonathan still av to wakeup from his slumber and do sometin afas ter before dis Buari finally gain all his mission to destroy his presidency.

  7. That man, Buhari, is simply disgusting. I know where his problem lies. In his past administration his did nothing in building Nigeria why won’t he destroy what other great and patriotic nigerians had done. He is undoubtedly behind all these misfortunes befalling this nation.

  8. Zakari u’re a fool, Abubakar musa u’re stupid u people are killing urselves u’re still talking infact u both need to be bombed. Everything Buhari said, nothing reasonable. As an ex leader how would a good elder watch as a nation he coveted to rule again is going down all in name of political opposition. He shud develop foresight bcos if he successfully settles it, wot a campaign strategy. People with no foresight can’t rule again. Though Jonathan is to be blamed as commander in chief of all Nigeria armed forces sitting silently and watching God help Nigeria and the dirty politicking that involves killing. Infact how can the nation move forward when the blood of the innocent people killed are crying to God for revenge, inface jeremiah i V14 is happening…..

  9. Buhari must have said nothing morethan the truth,and thanks to him for revealing this truths.Why the previous Governments donot experience all the chaos happening now? Boko Haram is directly proportional to the GEJ Govt,period.
    May Allah save Nigeria from the chaotic mere yahoos inhabiting the country,most of which are the constituents of the present Government,and we seek refuge in the Lord of Mankind from the evil of their conspiracies.

  10. I wonder why some peoples do not use what they have when speaking to public. Some peoples stood here accusing The General for all that is happening in this country, why don‘t you question the president himself on all this.? Please USE brain While Speaking….

  11. The fact remains that GEJ has failed in his capacity as the GCFR, by not bringing this menace to a halt. if not 4 his selfish interest he could have vacate the exalted sit for a competent person for our general good. May God deliver us from this satanic leaders. Amin

  12. when we are ready to do things properly, we would find solutions to our problems. people dont look at issues and comment the way the issues are. we just attack personlity. If we have not forgotten that GEJ was said he knows them and they even dine with him. Nobody has tasked him on that. The oct 1st bombing, you heard GEJ’s comment nobody is doing anything but when Buhari talks, he becomes the sponsor of boko haram. You do not think. There are more to what is happening than the eye can see and more questions than answers. Please thoes who know should try and bail us out. Lastly, can anybody tell me the difference between what Buhari said with what Uzor Kalu (former gov of Abia state) said? God help us b4 these vampires finish us.

  13. why the fdgmt did nt apply th sm wy usa use to get those in responsible for marathon bombing ths is nt th way. today u said porvty tomorrow on employment, next u said Buhari, obasanjo,nigeria will remian one nation th fdgmt need to do somethings reasonable to tackle th issues both north nd south bokoharam nd those killing th military nd kidnapping foreiners nd kidnapping there brothers nd sisters just for sake of money nd cll thmself good indigens may The Almighty Allah protect us nd guide our leaders Amin.