Boko Haram: Northern Monarchs Meet Jonathan, Point Way Forward

Jonathan-SultanTraditional rulers under the aegis the Northern Traditional Rulers Council, on Monday presented a position paper to President Goodluck Jonathan on how best to tackle the violence by members of the Islamic sect, Boko Haram.

Led by the Sultan of Sokoto, His Eminence, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, the traditional rulers presented the report at a meeting held at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Disclosing the purpose of the meeting that lasted about an hour, the council’s secretary, who is also the Emir of Kazaure, Alhaji Najeem Adamu, told journalists that “the meeting was about the state of the nation, the security challenges we are facing.

“We recommended the use of dialogue as one of the strategies to resolve the security challenge and at the same time to devise strategies that will encourage or lay the foundation for sustainable peace in this country.

“Our presentation was preceded by long time discussion and deliberation. In a nutshell, what we sought to do is to give our views having regards to our background, our knowledge of various societies, various communities what we think should be done to resolve the crisis and ensure sustainable peace in the country.

“The issue of amnesty came up. It formed part of the strategies we are recommending but of course, it has to be done properly with better appreciation  of the situation rather than haphazardly which people think should be the case.

“We believe that we have to give very serious consideration and make sure that whatever we do is sustainable.”

Minister of Information, Labaran Maku, also told journalists that the meeting focussed on how to resolve the crisis.

He said, “The issues raised in the paper concern the ongoing efforts by the Federal Government, particularly on the security challenge.”


  1. Any thing short of arranging and granting amnesty to the rebels called Boko Haram in Nigeria will not be acceptable. There is nothing better than peace and it can never be substituted, so the idea of granting amnesty to Rebellious minds in any society is considered acceptable and is a welcome development as this will put an ultimate end to the extrajudicial killings in our society. No meaningful development can take place -in a -region full of bloodletting and blood bathing. No foreign investors will risk his life and business in a country where there is unrestiveness and the free flow of blood, a country where you can not have your two eyes closed at night. So it is very imperative for the elderly people to sit round the table and work -out the modalities to get rid of the menace before it engulfs the whole country.

  2. militants in niger Delta who fought for various reasons. Degredation of thier land, oil spillage on the aquatic environs, long neglect of the areas where the only source of income in the country is being derived. bokoharam are evil

  3. The only word to qualified boko- haram is evil. Because devil is using them . They hav no cause to destroy life and properties .

  4. Why is amnesty for Boko Haram a desire for the north?
    Can you give amnesty to someone you don’t know?
    What’s Nigerian done wrong to give them amnesty?
    Do they say thy need it or they want Nigerian to become an Islamic nation?
    Have they promise to change their intention if they get amnesty from govt. ?
    Why are they killing because they want christian to change to muslim?
    Why is it now they realize that govt. Fail? What’s past administration including military era has done to redeem bribery and corruption in Nigeria?
    Why is it in this present administration they now see failure?
    As any of their past and present leaders never benefit from education?
    Is Islamic teaching not education( the process of reading and writing)?
    Why can’t we have their spoke man come out to address Nigerian and truthfully tell us what they need?
    Why can they be positive minded and look for ways to better Nigeria than negative attack?
    Will killing,turning Nigeria nation to muslim nation bring peace to it?
    Is that what’ll stop bribery and corruption in the nation?


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