“Boko Haram Will Stop Killing, If Jonathan Doesn’t Run For Presidency In 2015”

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The President of Ondo State Unification of Cherubim and Seraphim, Primate Ademisokun Turton has stated that the incessant killings by the outlawed Islamic sect,Boko Haram will come to an end as soon as President Goodluck Jonathan discloses his 2015 political ambition.


The cleric said this in Akure, Ondo state capital at the inauguration of the Unification of the Churches in the state that the insecurity situation in Nigeria will come to an end the moment President Goodluck Jonathan makes it public that he is not re-contesting in 2015.

According to him, “amnesty or no amnesty, the activities of the sect will continue until our President speaks out on his political ambition come 2015.”

Turton who heads the Success Cathedral of the Church in the state alleged that Northern leaders are behind the growing insecurity in the country, believing that they can make it a campaign issue.

He said that the plan of the North was to regain power in 2015, adding that he was against the granting of amnesty to the faceless group who are bent at tearing the country apart.

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  1. It is obvious that boko haram is an invention of the nothern leaders who believe that they must rule and are ready to shed innocent blood to do so, that is why I laugh when the government of the day talk of amnesty. The only amnesty that the government can grant to boko haram is to give the presidency to the north. Personally, I believe that the North and the South of Nigeria should not be one country. We should have long been divided. That is the only solution to Peace in this country

  2. This is wickedness and brutality is of the highest order!
    I think Boko harm is using cowardice approach! They killed and maimed thousands, and also rendered several tens of thousand widows, widower, and orphans just because of Mr Preident! Now they are threatening to continue if Mr Preident should vie for the same office come 2015! This is wickedness, godlessness and cowardice in display! Go after the preident and leave us alone! It is only in the western world that threat such as these will make the leader bows out, but not in anywhere in Africa!
    By the way, there threat can’t stop Mr Presidentnif if he has the intention. He will only increase his security network! It doesn’t matter if Boko haram continues to pound Nigerians.
    Beside, the demand of the Boko Haram will only tear Nigerians and Nigeria apart if not checked now! Nigeria is not meant for the Northerners alone.
    The time is ticking when a sovereign national conference will be called so that we can decide whether to continue to live together or not, and I see Boko Haramist propping our leaders to finally bow to sovereign national conference idea eventually.
    Enough is enough. Let everybody mind his regions.
    I am grieved because of Nigeria.

    • If dat is what they want, and president want peace for dis country well i adverce him to stop running for next tenum. I knw it will not be easy stop but ……

  3. Yes o! Why should a Christian minority from the south south who is an ijaw man rule Nigeria? So they kill people, tell lies against his government, make wicked propaganda, ignite religious sentiment. Make sure every Hausa muslim hate him. See nothing good in his government. Destroy Nigeria. Which country will u rule after that. IS GEJ THE LAST NIGERIA PRESIDENT? It happen in Sudan, ijaw national congress INC

  4. Yes o! Why should a Christian minority from the south south who is an ijaw man rule Nigeria? So they kill people, tell lies against his government, make wicked propaganda, ignite religious sentiment. Make sure every Hausa muslim hate him. See nothing good in his government. Destroy Nigeria. Which country will u rule after that. IS GEJ THE LAST NIGERIA PRESIDENT? It happen in Sudan, ijaw national congress. INC

  5. Funny comments indeed. I read with dismay the some pastors hide under the cover of religion and be telling lies. When you look at all these pastors you will see nobody but Yorubas. They disguise themselves with the uniform of xtianity but the biggest motive is tribalism. I call on piece loving nigerians to beware of the Yorubas cos they are the biggest hypocrites in our midst. Chinua Achebe said it all

  6. its not surprising whn sch comment come frm where it comes.what else do we expect where everyone wants to be relevant.mr pastor what you re saying is balatant lies.if not prove it emphatically.

  7. Alhamdu lillahi. The statement that came out from this so called man of god, vindicate the moslem and the north from beina the brain behind boko haram. This man of god have spoken the mind of the boko haram, if we are honest to ourselfs we now understand who are boko harams. We are now saying please to mr president gej to call this man of god for a dailoque

  8. The recent blow of Air expose the Anus of fowl, this is an obvious fact. Thank God GEJ is not a Yoruba man b4 some pysocophant call it yoruba agenda, likewise yoruba majority are anti PDP b4 all these monsters & their cohort call it tribalism, also insignificant of the victims were yoruba so one tyran mumu shld stop defending blood sucking sect. Nigeria blongs 2 every body E.W.N.S and not 4 not alone.

  9. Since Mr. President is looking for Boko Haram let him call this Pastor and tell him to gather all his boko haram partners to desk and find the solution. Though he have stated the solution….

  10. @jibril. There are many thing that should have kept you informed, you only chose to be ignorant. What has this got to do with Yoruba tribe? All the south west voted for Goodluck except in osun where the PDP is hated the most due to what it(PDP) has done to Osun people in the past. Boko Haram or N/delta militant, all are thesame. I do not care who rule this country as long as dividence of democracy is ensured and we are not getting poorer in the mids of plenty.

  11. Pls think before u max, if u men can recall, BOKO HARAM sterted during LET Yar ADUA, thus, nothern leaders are only praying for peace.

  12. De man is sayin the truth. Bokoharam didnt start wen obj was in office. Wen yar’adua was in office, who heard bokoharam? It was wen Johnathan took up office we started hearing all dis stuff…explain that. In 2015, expect a southern president or else, dis country will so be divided with a civil war

  13. This guy has spoken my mind. Yorubas irrespective of religion are naturally tribalistic. No one of them is exempted except he is not yoruba by tribe. Very soon, we will stop them from coming to look for university in the north or north central. If u as a northerner trys to seek for admission in any of the universities in the west or job opportunity no matter how brilliant, u are just wasting ur time bcos yoruba will never drop tribalism. Prove me wrong by looking at the admission list of Unilag, uni ibadan, ife, etc in the last 10yrs, you will see 99.9% yoruba names. Even when Federal character or quarter System are in place, they will never work with it bcos they very wise. It is high time we shine our eyes.


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