Buhari Is Boko Haram’s Major Sponsor – Presidency

The Presidency has described former Head of State and presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change, Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.), as the major sponsor of the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram and a leading protagonist of violence.


It said that apart from his ambition to rule the country again, Buhari had refused to contribute meaningfully to actions capable of ending insecurity in the country. Buhari, a National Leader of the CPC, had, on the Hausa service of the British Broadcasting Corporation on Monday, said that the Federal Government should be blamed for the lingering security challenges in the country.

According to Punch Newspaper, Buhari also flayed the Goodluck Jonathan administration for what he called “poor handling of insurgency” that had led to the death of many Nigerians and destruction of properties.

While reacting to this, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, said it was unfortunate that such a statement could emanate from Buhari. Describing Buhari as a man he respects so much, Okupe added that he had no option but to reply to his accusations against the Federal Government and the President.

He reminded Nigerians that Buhari had previously been credited with a statement that he would make the country ungovernable if the last presidential election did not favour him. Okupe said, “Everybody in this country knows that it was Buhari who vowed that if he did not win the election, he would make the country ungovernable for this President Goodluck Jonathan. It was this same Buhari who said during the electioneering period that if the votes were counted and he lost, people should go for blood.

He is not in any position to apportion blame on the issue of violence in the North or in Nigeria in general. He is a protagonist of violence. The only solution he sees to his not being President is to call for violence. This government has tried to contain some of the repercussions of the unguarded statements made by Buhari and I don’t think anybody in Nigeria will take him seriously on this allegation.”

The presidential aide added that if there were those to be blamed for the insecurity in the country, the name of Buhari should top the list. Okupe wondered why the Katsina State-born general had refused to visit states like Borno and Yobe despite the fact that he hails from the northern part of the country.

He said, “As a former Head of State, have you ever seen him (Buhari) visiting Borno or Yobe States? Have you ever seen him show sympathy to people, either Christians or Muslims that have been killed during these attacks by Boko Haram? Have you see him as a leader, a man who traversed the entire length and breadth of the North especially to canvass for votes seeking an end to the violence? Why is it that he cannot use that same clout that he has to get leaders together and say we must put an end to this carnage? He finds it comfortable to shift the blame to other people.

What has he done as a leader, who is from that region to help Nigeria and the North out of this unfortunate development? Nigerians should ask him, as a former Head of State and stakeholder in the Nigeria project and a man who wants to be President again, if he would want Nigeria to be destroyed up to a point before he can try to wade in? It does not work that way.”

Okupe said that as a leader, Buhari should stop apportioning blame, but should do something crucial to bring the carnage in the country under control.

He reminded the former military ruler that during the crisis in Niger Delta, leaders from the region went into the creeks and discussed with the militants to lay down their arms. “Has Buhari done that? When Christians were killed, he kept quiet, when mosques were bombed, he did not say anything. He doesn’t have any other interest in Nigeria but his inordinate ambition to rule,” he added.

In his reaction, Buhari said there was no way he could be involved in the discussion on how to end the carnage since he was not part of the problem. Buhari, who spoke through the National Publicity Secretary of the CPC, Mr. Rotimi Fashakin, also said it was apparent that those responsible for the crisis in the Niger Delta were the ones that volunteered to end it.

He said, “When the Niger Delta militancy reached a crescendo, some notable people from that region went into the creeks as he (Okupe) alleged. The question is: ‘Who were the people who started the Niger Delta imbroglio ab initio?’ If the people that initiated and executed a problem decided to resolve it, what can anyone do about it? This is totally different from the Boko Haram palaver.”



  1. The BASIC UNWRITTEN TRUTH of the violence act in Nigeria by the Islamic set boko-haram have just been Revealed! But as long as thier’s Price for every thing, Buhari Must Pay Dearly for not letting Nigerians Experience Peace in GoodLuck Regim as Nigeria President!

  2. D children of Okupe will 4ever b ashamed of having a father like ds, how can u ask somebody who’s not in ur govt or party to solve BH problem. Buhari didn’t say if he did not become president, rather if elections were rigged as PDP is known 2 always do. Abati still has some fears of tomorrow in him unlike ds gold digger Okupe.

    • You don’t read within the line Mr Abiola. Majority knew long ago that Buhari has some case to answer because his comments implicated him. We were wondering why the Govt could not apprehend him since. Perhaps now they will dare him.

    • Abiola, you can keep quite if U don’t know what to say, must you talk? The issue of country’s insecurity is biger than any party or group ideology. This shows the kind of mind some of these so called politicians have for this country(If I am not in government then national issues are not mine and even I can work against the government of the day)

  3. @abiola what nonsense re u saying..so if election were rigged does it mean innocent peoples’ life shld be sacrificed so as to make d country ungovernable for whoever is in power

  4. @abiodun,where are wi going in nigeria? Ejeki apa enupo kaba odale wi enipe omo oba nii, haa ogaooooooo. tanks kayode

  5. this is just a form of politics hypocrt to blackmail the dear general…
    Becouse of the focus of 2015…
    While the present president produce nothing to the succes and development of this country…

    • What did Buhari do for Nigeria as head of state?
      *to cancel a metro line for Lagos State for no reason
      *the twelve suit cases
      *Alhaji Alhaji
      *keeping Papa Adekunle Ajasin in detention without any crime
      *took to court Ambrose Alli and Bisi Onabanjo about 4 times while not a single NPN governor was charged to court.
      Buhari is a demon. Admitted, Goodluck is a

  6. i think okupe should go back to school so that he understand english, all of this is to spoil the name of GMB, sis, we hav trust in him. Giv him the power and see wat he”s capable of doing. I wonder y mr president is still keepin such a kind of person in his govt Live GMB alone.

  7. @Abiola you must be an idiot to say dat.what have you and your so called Buhari contributed to curb the urgly trend.This oil you see from our side that is making you Northerners to become president all the time will kill you all.Greedy entities,let this country be divided bastards,idiots,cowards,nonentities.

    • @ogbonna, why don’t u watch what u saying on Social responds like this we understand what is going on in the country both Buari and the government nobody is a saint but when one side keep talking as if the other is saint then is wrong ,u guys has oil in the delta remember their is untapped oil too in the west.i just all this people are just playing us don’t let this so called political dinosaur put us in the middle just let us keep watching as usual. Or we fight back but not abusing or saying all sort nonsense to each other here…..!

    • @ogbonna, stop why r u calling ur fellow stupidity…. stop it let join hands together nd pray 4 dis nation may God be wit us……

  8. Most of these politicians are corrupt with lies. Okupe is a bloody liar and nemesis shall soon catch up with him. Until the audio or video clip where Buhari has made those statements credited to him(Buhari) is released to the public, Okupe and the propagators of those lies against the General will not no peace in their life.

    • Sorry for you Mr Okene. Continue to be the slaves of this so called Buhari from Katsina.
      The only cement that belong to the Ebiras has gone to Okpella in Edo.
      Your Iron Steel is going to Igala land.
      Obajana cement belongs to the Kaba even though Dangote owns it now.
      The only thing Hausa Fulani of Boko Haram give you is to set up Boko Haram Bomb factory at Eika.
      Kaba is fighting to join join the west and Igalas are fighting to remain a state and you are fighting Okupe because of GMB.
      When the chips are own you will understand better.

  9. Well nt a politian n nt intrstd in politics…bt any reasnble person ll smell somtn….we hv mr thn 5 so clld leaders 4rm d nrth why aim at only 1person at d issue at hnd…i tnk d FG shld stop lkng 4 intermdte against BH as in d cse f d ND mltnts as d objtv differs,may b thy r in bter positn 2 hv a dialgue wit BH rther thn d so clld leaders(even if all f thm r mentnd)….if u r 2 hv an intvw wit d nothners abt leadrs tht hails frm thr..hmm u’ll b shckd wit d pstv respns u’ll get. May d Almighty shwer his mcy on us n let peace reign in d cntry.

  10. @ kayode what u ar saying is rubbish, don’t u know dt d pple in power ar d 1s suppose 2 bring all ds prblms 2 an end. What did u expect Gen Buhari 2 do while he has no say, he has no police , soldiers, sss & d rest.

  11. @lawrence and kayode wit gbadamoshi..all of u ar useless pple…why d persn in gorvnment cnt secure pple,why our welfare is meaniness 2 d government…so buhari is nt 2 be blame..PDP administn and jonathan must be blame…4 instance why are dey nt send IBB 2 Dem,sebi he’s former head of state,so pls stop disturbin mr buhari.

  12. It’s unfortunate that someone highly placed in the person of Gen Buhari rtd, would state that he’s not a part of a major problem devastating the country.
    It’s now clear that Buhari’s only ambition is to rule the country even if it means the country going through an uprising that will claim millions of lives.
    It’s a shame on you Buhari, Allah will never allow you rule this country again-mark that.

  13. The Bible says “empty cans make the loudest noise” that’s. What PDP and GEJ are doing,unfortunately most of you guys are as the Qur’an says,”deaf and dumb to the truth. Is this the first time GMB is contesting? How come he didn’t make d country ungovernable before? Abeg shine ya eyes and use your brains.

  14. @Abiola u should be ashamed of ursef, because buhari (the ground father of Boko haram) is not in govt or PDP he shld allow his people to perish, since those who leaders that started Niger/Delta where able to stop them as he buhari claimd, why can’t he also. Stop d boko haram wch he has created

  15. The problem of Nigeria is not Boko Haram. Nigeria’s problem is unemployment. Amnesty is medicine after death. Our leaders should give our people the Dividends of democracy instead of point accusing fingers on Buhari. When Buhari did War against indiscipline, they saw it. Let them provide jobs for youths or else they will see greater than Boko Haram in the near future.

  16. Okupe is right. Gen. Buhari is the leader of Boko Haram. If not why did they mension his name to lead their nagotiation with Federal Government at the first time???????

  17. Most of them don’t go to school cos idiots plp us media to talk rubbish abiola may God bless u 4 telling the truth cos u understand what there are saying

  18. what a nonence coment by some religion tolerence, tribalist, regionalist.
    u will neva b wise nd peaceful if u have dis as ur focust.
    how wil u allow sush statement to hav a seat in ur roten brain, as president Goodluck has d mouth to saidat ‘he knw who ar bokoharam nd dey ar evryware including police, militry, nd includin asorock, nd my cabinet.
    den y can he fetch dem out nd is buhari seating in asorock, a minister, police or what.
    be wise

  19. We don’t need any soothsayer to tell us that Buhari is the major sponsor of bokoharam. Of course, he is. As far as i’m concerned, Buhari is very tribalistic. He should go put his house in order and forget about contesting for any presidency, because he can never get it again, no matter what he does. He will only succeed in destroying the lives of the poor young men, branding themselves as “bokoharam” and also cripple the economy of the north totally. Very soon, they’ll begin to reap the evil seed they’ve sowed in the north!

  20. I think Buhari knws somtin abt BH bcos afta d b4 d general election,he told d terrorists to kill anybody they feel is behind rigging,and dat was wer d suicide bombing started.And since then general Buhari had not come out to condemn any of their activities till date.Other northern elders like d sultanm,IBB,Atiku etc r condeming their killing on daily basis but never in a day Buhari had condemned.

  21. Useless okupe! we Nigerians do believe dat ur man never have d ability 2 rule dis country, and u (his aid) proving dat. Since dis is d case dar4, ask ur stupid president 2 pack his lodges frm d villa and return d stolen mandate 2 its rightful owner. We believe GENERA Is equal 2 d task, whoever knew how GENERAL ruled dis country, knew dat there was has bin a peaceful Nigeria unlike 2day. We pray may God destroy dis selfish and coward Jonathan very soon.

  22. I discovered dat some of u talking 2 GMB anyhow don’t know what we call politics. Everything Okupe said shud not be taken serious, he will still accuse Bisi Akande, Tinubu, Fasola even late Awolowo 4 boko haram palava. All is politics.

  23. my pple y d abuse,fighting over d giragira behaviour of our leaders,it is much ado about nothing..na paddy paddy government we dey..shi ke na

  24. I couldn’t proclaim that he (buhar) is boko haram, becourse; All i know is that ONLY GOD NOES THE BEST, but i pray to God to make the person who caused boko haram, confess, right now and surely die to hell for destroy the innocent blood for nothing.

  25. I couldn’t proclaim that he (buhar) is boko haram, becourse; All i know is that ONLY GOD NOES THE BEST, but i pray to God to make the person who caused boko haram, confess, right now and surely die to hell for destroy the innocent blood for nothing..

  26. I couldn’t proclaim that he (buhar) is boko haram, becourse; All i know is that ONLY GOD NOES THE BEST, but i pray to God to make the person who caused boko haram, confess, right now and surely die to hell for destroy the innocent blood for nothing…

  27. must one be in power to offer help or solution? the same people -he want to rule is being killed and someone is aloof beacuse he is not the cause. Why is someone called a leader when he cannot empatize or offer condemnation to killing and assist to calm frayed nerves? since he cannot do any thing why condenming effort of those who is doing someting on air? Buhari! The blood of the innocent will find u out. The govt may not do anythong to u but God will. God will trouble the troublers of this natoon.

  28. Pls let govt focus on how to end d crises, everybody point acusing finger to govt, oppositon are known for that, are they also sponsorer, okucpe is doin what is paid for, if G BHR is sponsorer BKH get him arrested and proscute him wit yur facts and evidence, if there is any.

  29. Buhari is a bloody religious extremist.Okukpe needed not to av wasted his saliva saying it.We Nigerians know that Buhari is d brain behind BH.It’s unfortunate that Hausa fulanis ar yet 2 come 2 terms that we are nw in democracy.D military era during which they succeeded in running Nigeria aground is over.Buhari and his cohorts can never rule Nigeria again.U dnt force ppl to make u their leader rather u work hard 2 earn it.


    of the violence act in Nigeria by the Islamic set boko-haram have just been Revealed! But as long as thier’s Price for every thing, Buhari Must Pay Dearly for not letting Nigerians Experience Peace in GoodLuck Regim as Nigeria President!

  31. Okugbe Okupe, if your yr principal GEJ has any evidence against Buhari, he should act like a President and give necesaary orders for his arrest or he should shut the [email protected]@k up . What has he done to former governor Modu Sheriff, sponsor of real Boko Haram or Senator Ndume and others already implicared instead of shouting Buhari name everytime?

  32. All those dat are accusing Buhari must be seriously out of their minds!! Nonsense, don’t open your eyes to the truth be there fooling yourselves biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig foooooooools. God will surely judge all of you

  33. Mr okupe,these facts you mention are enough to arrest Buhari,why has FG fail to arrest him or is Buhari above the law. The President fails to realise his powers there fore he cannot apply them

  34. I hate to insult people in social media, I think Abiola deserve one. How will u (Abiola) feel if someone insult ur father, mother, sister and kids because u simply expressed urself? Bringing in the innocent kids of Okupe in this matter made u a mean man and u deserved to be hanged.

  35. @abiola…. U suppose to dance naked round the market square for what you have said. You are a bastard of yorubaland, how I wished your relatives fall as victims of boko haram. Useless entity

  36. Oga Buhari relax na IBB you go de vex for no be GEJ and again talk to your boys to drop arms and embrace peace for peace to rule, I salute you

  37. Now I know that some people in this country are above d law.GEJ knows well that buhari is d sponsor d boko haram then why not jail him.

  38. Now I know that some people in this country are above d law.GEJ knows well that buhari is d sponsor of d boko haram then why not jail him.

  39. Ha ha ha” they have succeeded in getting you confused, Moses i am dis appointed in your statement dnt show ur hatred outside publicly hide in your heartless mind cos you are not looking for any peace in this country.We don’t like any body like you to hold any position in this country. Terna, don’t judge any body by rumor judge him by his actions. Kayode why did you believe in Boko-Haram have you seen one? why did you believe Buhari is trying to make GEJ, administration on governable, if you believe in that, it means you are a kid this is politics my friend. Ogbonna have you ever been to school? cos who ever gone to school will not utter this statement in fact you are an Alien go back and learn how to talk” cos there is no any education that goes in your brain weather been it western or religion.

  40. Now I understand that GEJ and his people in Govt. Just want to bring confusion in this country…. You Okupe what can you say about your recent comments as a leader that: “Islam is the mother of Boko Haram?”. You shameless goat. Now is not more Islam, is Buhari… Those south easterners doesn’t deserve anythng in this country. You people should go back to school and learn more about leadership….. And as well wot can you say about The MEND who took an ought never to go against rule and regulation of this country?!

  41. keep u dirty mouth shut! u think we Nigerians is as fool like u and ur Mr president. U are saying Buhari is d one sponsoring BHaram and u and ur ‘Oga’ commander in chief of arm forces can not use all power within u to stop him from killing innocent pple. If u can’t stop him it means u don’t ave any evidence to back up ur word. I blv a good leader or president will nt want to loose any of his pple to death wen he knws wia d death usually comes from. SO WE ARE NOT FOOL TO AGREE WTH UR STATEMENT.

  42. even a day born child know who buhari as one couse all the killing in our Nation Nigeria,instead of him rulling this nation,let be.i ask what did Buhari left in Asorock tha he want to go back an carry,let tell us what he forgot an where it is we will bring it to him in home town but to rule this Nation no way for him

  43. Let us all begin to think of getting leaders of d 21st century – one full of ideas, using d full potentials of ict to bring solutions to most problems dat are confronting us, be security, unemployment, inefficiency, injustice etc. But neither buhari, jonahan nor tinubu is dat kind. Let’s orientate of thinking box and live in d present and not in d past. One love my people.


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