CAN Says No Going Back On Compensation For Boko Haram Victims

Boko HaramChristian Association of Nigeria (CAN) on Tuesday picked holes in the report of the Presidential Committee on Boko Haram which recommended that non-payment of compensation to victims of the sect’s attacks.

CAN General Secretary, Dr. Musa Asake said that anything short of compensation would amount to a travesty of justice.

He said, “With that type of statement, it will be difficult for CAN to say anything because we don’t know the type of compensation they are talking about. We cannot take a position in an issue that is not clear. But our stand has been that government should compensate victims of Boko Haram incessant attacks and that has been our position and we are not changing our stand.

“We will continue to push for compensation and we are not going into a fight with them. We are going to continue to make our demands for compensation. That is the right thing to do, that is the best thing to do and that is what the government can do to show its concern over what has happened.”


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