Chris Brown’s Father Not Happy With Him Getting Back Together With Rihanna

In an exclusive interview with The Daily News, Chris Brown’s father, Clinton admitted that he was not happy with Rihanna being back in his son’s life. He actually says that he prefers Jordin Sparks to his son’s present girlfriend and described the one-time American Idol winner as a very pretty,wholesome young lady.

Chris Brown assaulted the Barbadian-born Singer way back in 2009, but they have since buried the hatchet and moved on just before the Grammy Awards. Clinton, however is of the opinion that his son is attracted to Rihanna because she’s beautiful and exotic and successful.

It seems like the 48 year old dad does not actually hate the singer, he just thinks she’s not right for his son. In the same interview, he described her as respectful and polite. When spotted, Chris and Riri always look so happy together, time will tell if daddy is right afterall…





  1. I think that good for Chris for going into Rihhana,i like that.His father father ain’t lying because he is the one who sees his son’s future & him to be on his best chooser(Jordan).bt once you deeply for in love with someone,changing mind its like killing yourself so let them be.


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