Controversial Photos Of Tonto Dikeh Showing The Illuminati Gesture

Highly controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh recently displayed some hot and stunning pictures with her fans on social media and captioned one of them as ‘Feeling Flirty’.


What surprised all and many is that, she did a sign of illuminati and her fans are asking, ‘has she joined the global money club led by Lucifer?’ Let’s wait and see!




Source: Nigeriafilms


  1. Bia, dis poster,it seems u don’t have work 2 do,abi.wat’s so illuminatic about dis picture and her pose.Beta go find work

  2. Iluminati or no iluminati,,money is money and life goes on,, so if you iike what she did the go and do the same but if you don’t go your way and live your life the way you want it,,after all I don’t see any thing iluminatic about her pictures…..

  3. i don’t see anything wrong on what she just did..thats only posing that she pose no long thing…i love that lady,so you people should leave her alone

  4. Peaple ar jst being envy on her lyf styl, she shldn’t mnd ’em joh, let ha cary on wit ha lyf, is d knd of lyf she wona leav pple shld leav ha alone

  5. My guyz dis girl is a celebrity nd she has fans dat like her, so alow d media to portray d kind of person she is, dat wil giv her fans to know who she is, except u too r illuminatis tryin to cover ur sister in crime, bt her photo is realy illuminatic.

  6. Person wear clothe na war…..him no wear clothe na war… people ders no illuminati in wat she haz done….lets nt always brng dwn pipo…..please!!!


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