Court Dissolves Marriage Over Husband’s Refusal To Train Children

A Makurdi Magistrates’ Court on Thursday dissolved the marriage between Marian Alakali and Usman Alakali, whom she accused of refusing to train and provide food for her children.


The Magistrate, Mr Ibrahim Mohammed, held that the petitioner had proved her case beyond reasonable doubt.

Mohammed explained that the respondent had whimsically, without defending the allegations, conceded to the divorce.

The respondent whimsically without defending the allegations conceded to the divorce, he shall have the custody of the first five children while the petitioner shall, for the time being, have the youngest child.

The petitioner shall have access to her children at anytime of the day,” he added.

The petitioner, Marian, had dragged her husband, Usman, to court for refusing to train her children and provide food for the family.

She told the court that she did not believe there was still marriage between them.

I married Usman many years ago, under the Native Laws and Customs of the Idoma people and the marriage has irretrievably broken down.

The marriage was blessed with seven female children until one of them, Ladi, died.

My husband said that Ladi died because of my adulterous conduct, and on three occasions, he poisoned my food, but luckily I caught him and he apologised before my parents.”

Marian said she had suffered all kinds of maltreatment from the hands of the respondent throughout the marriage, adding that she never had peace with the husband.

She prayed the court to dissolve the marriage and grant the husband custody of the first five children while the younger child should remain with her due to her age.

In his response, Alakali, the respondent, accepted all the allegations against him and conceded to the divorce.

Source: NAN


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