Don’t Attack Muslims In Niger Delta – Kuku Begs MEND

The Chairman, Presidential Amnesty Programme, Mr Kingsley Kuku, has appealed to the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta,MEND,to re-think its threat to attack Muslims in the South-south.
kingsley-kuku-300x257Kuku, who is also Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs, made the appeal in a statement issued in Abuja on Friday and made available to DailyPost.

The presidential aide said. “As a firm believer in dialogue to resolve disputes, I implore MEND to channel its grievances through the open channel of communication that my office offers.

“My office is always open for dialogue with any aggrieved group in the Niger Delta irrespective of the issue,” adding that the success of the amnesty programme was achieved through dialogue.

“Today, thousands of youths from the region are being equipped with vocational and other skills through the instrumentality of the amnesty programme for former agitators in the region.

“Those that were sceptical about the programme are now surprised that youths from the region are becoming players in the aviation sector through the pilot training component of the amnesty programme.

“Only last weekend, 16 of them were decorated as Commercial Pilots at the Africa Union Aviation Academy in South Africa.’’

He expressed that his office was particularly concerned about the fresh threat because it does not want the region to regress to violence again.

“Besides, any threat to worshippers of any religion in a section of the country is a threat to the whole country.

“Nigeria, particularly the Niger Delta, needs peace for the development that we yearn for in the region to take place.”

Kuku maintained that any violent reaction in the Niger Delta to the insurgency in the North by the Boko Haram would worsen the security situation in the country.

“Boko Haram should not be MEND’s problem. Already, the government is on top of the situation and we are confident that a solution will be found soon.

“There is no price that is too big to pay for peace to be achieved in any part of Nigeria,’’ Kuku added.


  • Bros, deadline was given during amnesty to the niger delta millitant groups, y is deadline not give 2 this sect (boko haram), however time given was till 31st may, so there is still time for the Federal Govt. 2 come up with good results. Get this- no man will be happy when his brothers or sisters from the same region are killed

  • Every were there is committee,pls am calling on every person dat call himself or herself a nigerian leader to put der heads together and think on how dis country could be better and stop looting our money in de name of setting up panels.pls de masses are tired of dis nonsense

  • First of all…fuck kuku…second of all, which money are u going to use to grant amnesty? Oil money? Our oil money, given to the same fools who killed our brothers? Are we now paying rent in nigeria wen all de money in this country is from our region? Mtchew, wen u destroy bokoharam tell us. Note we are not fighting for peace…we spilling blood to appease

  • hmmmm, you ‘ve a rights to talk rubbish but remember peace and stability of the country is greater than your personal interest, no real Muslim ‘ll be happy of BH evil act unless he is devil also. but if you think continues attack on places of worship is solutions OK woooo.

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