Don’t Let Another Man Steal Your Woman!!! Follow These Tips Today!!!


A lot of men lose their women to other men for one reason or the other. The other man might not be better than you, but he’s definitely smarter. Follow these tips to make sure that no other man ever gets the chance to claim your woman as his:


1, Make her Laugh:  Women love a man with a sense of humour. Do your best to make your woman laugh as often as you can. Try to be the reason why there’s a smile on her face. If you allow another man to constantly make your woman happy, then it means she has found your replacement.

2, Give her Gifts: There are a few things that show your love to a woman more than the gifts you give. They don’t have to be expensive. Just make sure they’re thoughtful. A woman wants to know that she’s constantly on your mind and your gifts will assure her of that.

3, Take her out: Make time for your woman. Take her to the beach or to the cinemas. A woman doesn’t need to be taken to Paris before she knows that you love her. All she wants is for you to spend time with her outdoors and show her off to other people. It increases her sense of security and assures her that she’s not just your plaything.

4, Be affectionate: Every woman loves a romantic man. Let her know as often as you can how much you love her. Write her poems, sing to her when you’re alone, buy her sentimental cards, write her short love notes and slip them into her purse to surprise her. A woman who feels loved seldom ever cheats or leaves.

5, Respect her: Don’t be rude to your woman, don’t try to dominate her. Don’t intimidate her or make fun of her. Treat her like a lady. Never ever lay your hands on a woman. Encourage her to become a better person as you both grow together. If you want a woman to respect you, then you must respect her first.

Remember that if you don’t take care of your woman, she’ll find somebody who will.



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